Meta recently made the information public through its Oculus Blog website. It is written there that ” Meta accounts and Meta Horizon profiles are there “. For the moment, the update is not yet accessible to everyone since it is still in gradual deployment. This means that if you do not yet have the possibility of creating a Meta account and a Meta Horizon profile, it will not be long.

Meta has changed its decision on its controversial requirement for virtual reality headsets that absolutely must connect to a Facebook account. He shared this information last month. In parallel, the company said that VR users will just need a new Meta account which does not require any connection to Facebook.

Credits: Meta Quest

For information, if your headset is currently linked to an Oculus account, you would need to register for a Meta account to continue using your device after the January 2023.

How does this work ?

If you are new, know that a Meta account is now created using an e-mail address, a Facebook account or an Instagram account. When putting on your headset for the first time, a code will appear and you need to pair your headset with the Oculus mobile application available on Play Store and App Store. You can then continue with the Facebook or Instagram app or use your email address to create a Meta account.

Only when you finish setting up your Meta account can you set up your Meta Horizon profile. To do this, you must select a display name and a unique user name. It is also possible to add a profile picture.

What if you already use Facebook to log into VR?

If you fall into this category then know that you still need to create a Meta account and a Meta Horizon profile. The difference is that instead of getting a code, you will be redirected to the Meta website on your mobile or computer. This is where you will log in with your Facebook account.

Thereafter, you will have the choice to create your Meta account: either you use Facebook, or you delete your Facebook account and use your e-mail instead. It’s important to point out that whichever you choose, you’ll still have access to your previous VR purchases and downloads.


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