BeReal is one of the most popular social platforms of the moment. A dazzling success that inevitably attracts the attention of the competition, particularly that of Instagram.

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Indeed, the social network for sharing photos and videos owned by Meta, is currently testing a new feature called Candid Challenges. According to Alessandro Paluzzi, the possibilities offered by this new Instagram option are strangely similar to those of BeReal. If an Instagram spokesperson confirmed the existence of this new feature, he indicated on the other hand that it was part of an internal prototype for the moment.

Candid Challenges, an Instagram version of BeReal

Alessandro Paluzzi who reported the news gave more details about the new Instagram feature. He said Candid Challenges plans to ask Meta-owned social platform users to participate in candidate challenges.

Every day, they will receive a notification inviting them to take a photo of their surroundings. Afterwards, they will have two minutes to take a photo and share it in stories before the challenge disappears. Not to mention that as soon as a user receives the invitation, their Instagram camera will open automatically.

For regulars of BeReal, this is not a novelty since the French application available since 2019 focuses its operation on this principle. Launched to offer a more innovative alternative to traditional social platforms, BeReal has therefore opted for 3 years for an approach that greatly appeals to the new generation.

The app prompts users to take a photo using their cameras at a random time of day. And as with the new feature Instagram is planning to launch, according to Paluzzi, invites expire after two minutes and users can see all the photos shared by their friends that day.

Instagram managers prefer to kick in touch

Contacted by the specialized press, an Instagram spokesperson confirmed the existence of such a feature. However, he indicated that it was only an internet prototype that was not tested externally. He declined to provide further information on the subject.

For the moment, nothing indicates that Instagram really intends to launch its new feature. Still, it’s intriguing. Especially when we refer to the comments made recently by Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, the company that owns Instagram. He felt that Meta’s future depended heavily on the company’s ability to attract young adults. However, they currently prefer to spend more time on platforms other than Facebook, Messenger or Instagram.

If we understand that Meta’s main target remains TikTok, it would not be surprising if the company also checked the name of BeReal on its list. Especially since the French platform has recently experienced dazzling growth. It currently occupies the first place in the ranking of the most popular free applications of the App Store at the expense of Instagram and Facebook.

Moreover, it should be noted that this is not the first time that Instagram has tried to use BeReal’s pot. The new “Dual” setting added to Instagram’s camera recently comes from a shooting style popularized by BeReal. Not to mention Meta whose apps have spent the last few years copying the best features of its competitors.

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