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You will take another adaptation to the cinema for the road? As we learned yesterday of the upcoming production of a film Days Gone, another Sony console exclusive is about to make the step to the big screen. As indicated by the Deadline site, it is now the turn of Gravity Rushthe very good platformer from Japan Studio, to be adapted into a feature film by PlayStation Productions, the branch specializing in multimedia versions of the Japanese firm’s intellectual properties.

Japan Studio

Gravity Rush flies to the big screen

Few details have filtered on this adaptation of Gravity Rush, whose formalization should surprise more than one, especially if it will be a live-action film or an animated film. However, two names have already been attached to the project: Anna Mastro, director of the film Secret Society of Royalty released in 2020 on Disney +, will be behind the camera for this film stamped PlayStation. Emily Jerome, screenwriter on Andrés Baiz’s upcoming thriller Panopticon, will lend her pen to the script. A co-production between PlayStation and Scott Free Productions, no distributor has yet been appointed for this feature film, which should not be released for quite some time.

Released in 2012 on the PlayStation Vita portable console, Gravity Rush features Kat, an amnesiac young girl with mysterious powers, living in seclusion in the sewers of Hekseville, a floating city at very high altitude. Able to manipulate gravity at will, she will have to fight against the forces of evil and ally with the skeptical townspeople to lift the veil on her past.

Ported to PlayStation 4 a few years later in 2015, Gravity Rush has made a name for itself among Japanese video game fans and remains one of the most famous exclusives of the late PS Vita. A suite, Gravity Rush 2was released in 2017 on PS4, and propels Kat to Jirga Para Lhao, a city in a parallel universe to that of Hekseville.

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