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In 2020, Golden Kamui had delivered its third season to us. The anime that follows Saichi Sugimoto’s road to gold has not finished revealing all its secrets to us. A season 4 was therefore essential. Fortunately, the production team thought of continuing the anime, providing us with several details. Find in this file, everything you need to know before starting season 4 of Golden Kamui.

Credits: Geno Studio

Saichi Sugimoto and his crew’s quest for gold is not about to end. In season 3, the group had to face new challenges: revelations, betrayals and fights put them to the test.

The release date of season 4

Golden Kamui was launched in anime from 2018. Subsequently, it had a second season always in 2018, then a third in 2020. But since 2020, we had no news of the sequel. Towards the end of 2021, the anime’s return with a fourth season was confirmed.

In March 2022, during Anime Japan, we had more details on this return. Thus, season 4 of Golden Kamui will be available for streaming from October 2022. We have also taken note of certain modifications at the level of the production team.

The visuals of season 4

For this fourth season, some visuals have already been released.

Check out the Golden Kamui season 4 trailers:

  • The first trailer:

  • The second trailer:

  • The official image of season 4:
Credits: Brain's Base
Credits: Brain’s Base

Synopsis of Golden Kamui season 4

Season 3 ended with several storylines. Despite Ashirpa shooting Ogata, she and Sugimoto managed to get him to a doctor. But the sniper is well aware that he can no longer have his old companions through feelings. So he fled.

But that is far from blunting the spirit of our troop. Sugimoto always has his gold in mind. However, he vows to kill Ogata the next time their paths cross. As for Ashirpa, she hopes to find answers about her father’s death. Accompanied by Koito, Enonoka, Cikapasi, Tanigaki, Tsukishima and Shiraishi, the two friends are back on the road to Hokkaido.

The number of episodes

Credits: Geno Studio
Credits: Geno Studio

The first three seasons of Golden Kamui each had twelve episodes of approximately 24 minutes. The fourth season will follow the same pattern. For the moment, the titles of these episodes have not yet been revealed.

While waiting to reconnect with season 4 of Golden Kamui, update your knowledge by following the first three seasons in streaming on Crunchyroll.

Season 1 :

Episode 1: Wen Kamui

Episode 2: The Faceless

Episode 3: Kamui Moshir

Episode 4: Angel of Death

Episode 5: The bet

Episode 6: The Soul of the Hunter

Episode 7: Complication

Episode 8: Killer Eyes

Episode 9: Dazzling

Episode 10: Reinforcement

Episode 11: See you tonight at the hotel of death!

Episode 12: The Lying Fox

Season 2 :

Episode 1: My Little Edogai

Episode 2: Counterfeits

Episode 3: Let’s talk about the good old days

Episode 4: Storming the 7th Division!

Episode 5: In the Belly

Episode 6: Memories of Ani

Episode 7: Kamui-hopunire

Episode 8: Blue Eyes

Episode 9: The Sound of the Assault

Episode 10: New Moon Night

Episode 11: Trampling

Episode 12: Agreement

Season 3:

Episode 1: Direction Sakhalin

Episode 2: Suchenka

Episode 3: Igogusa

Episode 4: The Immortal Sugimoto Harakiri Show

Episode 5: Border

Episode 6: Bad Omen

Episode 7: Meko-oyashi

Episode 8: The Executioner

Episode 9: Revolutionaries

Episode 10: He Who Pursues Wolves

Episode 11: Sin and Impurity

Episode 12: Live

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The production team

Golden Kamui is the adaptation of a seinen of the same name, from the mangaka Satoru Noda. Distributed by Shueisan in Japan, the manga is available from Ki-oon editions in France. Created in 2014, the manga immerses us in action, self-knowledge and drama, with a hint of comedy. For its fourth season, the animation studio was changed. Geno Studio hands over to Brain’s Base (in charge of the production of season 2 of To Your Eternity). New creators will also join this adventure. It is :

  • Chief Director: Shizutaka Sugahara
  • Screenplay: Noboru Takagi
  • Chara Design: Takumi Yamakawa
  • Music: Kenichiro Suehiro

Characters and voice actors

Credits: Geno Studio
Credits: Geno Studio
  • Saichi Sugimoto as Chikahiro Kobayashi
  • Ashirpa: Haruka Shiraishi
  • Shinpachi Nagakura: Takayuki Sugo
  • Kano Ienaga as Sayaka Ohara
  • Yoshitake Shiraishi: Kentaro Ito
  • Tokushirou Tsurumi: Hochu Otsuka
  • Hyakunosuke Ogata: Kenjiro Tsuda
  • Genjirou Tanigaki as Yoshimasa Hosoya
  • Kiroranke: Masaki Terasoma
  • Toshizou Hijikata as Joji Nakata
  • Kohei Nikaido: Tomokazu Sugita
  • Tatsuuma Ushiyama: Kenji Nomura
  • Inkarmat: Mamiko Noto
  • Hajime Tsukishima: Eiji Takemoto
  • Otonoshin Koito: Katsuyuki Konishi

The fourth season will also have a new character in the person of Fusatarô Ôsawa. This is a serial killer whose method is to drown his victims. It is the seiyu Tomokazu Seki Mizunaka who will double him.

The plot of Golden Kamui

We are at the beginning of the 20th century, more precisely after the Russo-Japanese war of 1904-1905. Saichi Sugimoto nicknamed “the Immortal” is a war veteran. During this, he was part of the 1st Division of the Imperial Japanese Army, and participated in the bloodiest battles, including that of Hill 203. A true survivor of these horrors, he was given the nickname “the Immortal”. “. But it will not be the case of his best friend Toraji who lost his life.

Before dying, he makes her promise to take care of his wife. Once the war is over, Sugimoto finds himself alone, without a plan for the future and above all without money. All he had in memory of his glorious past were scars streaking his body and face, his military clothes, his rifle and his Type 30 bayonet.

By a curious coincidence, the former soldier learns of the existence of the treasure of 75 kilos of gold from the Ainu people. Wanting to respect his word given to his best friend, Sugimoto goes in search of the famous treasure. So he goes to the island of Hokkaido in the hope of collecting clues. While he is only at the beginning of his research, he is attacked by a brown bear. Chance doing things well, the soldier is saved by Ashirpa, a young Ainu strangely linked to gold. Together, they will team up to find the Ainu gold.

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