The number of users of the instant messaging platform WhatsApp has increased considerably in recent years. In the first half of 2020, it also exceeded the symbolic bar of 2 billion users located in the four corners of the globe.

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We note that many companies and many professionals have also taken it by storm in order to take advantage of its excellent functionalities for doing business. In addition, this now almost essential application performs regular updates.

Their main purpose is to better meet the needs of users. For example, there are various features that allow you to have a perfect experience of the whatsapp messaging system. Discover 5 great tips for using this channel well!

1. Enabling biometrics

WhatsApp messaging is quite secure in particular thanks to its end-to-end encryption. With this feature, no intermediary has access to your chats: not even WhatsApp. However, without taking appropriate measures, a third party who accesses the phone, tablet or computer of a WhatsApp user can open the application and have their data.

In some cases, you can also avoid these risks with theidentification by biometrics. As you have probably understood, the ability to take advantage of this security feature depends on the smartphone or electronic device used to connect.

Indeed, it allows or not to use facial recognition or fingerprint to access his WhatsApp account. For activate this option, open the WhatsApp app settings and choose “Account”. In the menu that appears, select “Privacy” then “Lock by”. Choose biometric identification if available.

2. Dark Mode

On computers as on smartphones, the majority of applications today integrate a dark mode highly appreciated by many users. You can also activate it on your WhatsApp. Open the app and click on the three dots located in the upper right corner.

Once you have accessed the settings, choose “Discussions»then ” Themes “. Here you can activate dark mode or return to light mode.

3. Change Wallpaper in Chats

This trick allows you to have a more pleasant or more inspiring chat interface. This is because WhatsApp’s default wallpaper isn’t for everyone. It can also quickly become boring. For change wallpaper of your chats on WhatsApp:

  • Open WhatsApp;
  • Go to app settings;
  • Click on the “Discussions” menu;
  • Click on the “Wallpaper” menu:
  • Choose the “Edit” button;
  • Set a wallpaper type and image of your choice.

In addition, the application offers many wallpapers in light mode, dark mode and solid colors. You can also choose a photo from your gallery for the chat wallpaper.

However, note that with this procedure, it is the wallpaper of all talk which is changed. If you want to change the background image for a specific chat though, open that chat’s settings to make your changes.

4. Silent discussions

One can easily get lost in the panoply of chats on the interface of his WhatsApp messaging application. However, you can take advantage of the silent chat featureto avoid being disturbed by unwanted notifications.

To achieve this, do a long press on the contact or group and then choose the mute icon that appears in the top strip. You must then specify a silence duration. Conversely, you can pin your important discussions.

5. Ephemeral messages

The option of ephemeral messages is not yet widely known. However, it can be very useful in many circumstances. To activate it:

  • Open a chat and enter its settings;
  • Scroll down to the “ephemeral messages” section and choose the button;
  • Define the activation duration of the function and validate the choice.

You can alsoenable this feature for all your chats. You can stop the ephemeral messages feature by repeating the same process and instead choosing “Disable” at the end.

Finally, these 5 tips will undoubtedly be of great use to you in making a better experience of the system. whatsapp messaging.

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