Find an animated series as cult as The Simpsons would be like looking for a needle in a haystack. There are very few that can boast of having the same track record. With over 700 episodes aired over a span of over 33 years, it’s hard to top in comparison to Japanese anime.

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And if the series has a lot of unforgettable episodes, 4 of them deserve to be put on a pedestal.

1. Homer’s mother

Have you ever heard of Mona Simpson? Fans of the series must know Abraham Simpson, the father of our very dear Homer. But what about his mother? This character is, so to speak, a ghost. In 33 seasons, Homer’s mother only appeared during 8 episodes and her first intervention only occurs in episode 8 of season 7.

When Homer was only 9 years old, Mona magically disappeared from his life. After this incident, Abraham made Homer believe for years that his mother was dead. And Homer never doubted his father’s words. But it was all wrong. His mother is alive and well and will reappear in his life in a very surprising way.

2. The Simpsons in Horror Show mode

Halloween day rhymes with horror with The Simpsons. Jokes are no longer the order of the day and the priority is to scare people. During this day, an episode subdivided into 3 plots of 7 minutes of supernatural or horrific stories is broadcast. Said stories are generally parodies of films or written works that are fairly well known to the public.

That said, if you have to choose one, it’s the one where we discover that Bart has a twin brother named Hugo. Born Siamese, the two brothers were identical. However, Hugo was truly evil and strove to do harm. Since that time, his existence has been hidden from his siblings. And he is kept locked up in the attic of the house.

3. Homer the Activist

This time around, the focus will be on Season 1 Episode 3. Entitled “An Atom of Common Sense,” it features an out-of-work Homer after he accidentally destroys a radioactive pipe at the nuclear power plant. Montgomery Burns. He then tries to find a job with another company. But this is not crowned with success.

He ends up losing all hope and tries to end his life. He leaves a farewell letter and goes off to jump off a bridge. Fortunately, he gives up taking the plunge when he sees his family, come to prevent him from taking action, about to be hit by a vehicle. Suddenly, Homer has an illumination. He decides to become an activist and campaigns for the city of Springfield to be safer for its inhabitants.

4. The near destruction of Springfield

Fans of stories about the end of the world must see episode 14 of season 6 at all costs. In this episode, we can see Bart observing the stars with his telescope. During this night, he discovers that a comet is approaching the earth. But that’s not all. It is sure to crash into Springfield and that of course means the destruction of the city.

However, the authorities announce that they have a plan to avoid the disaster. A missile will be launched in order to explode the comet before it reaches the earth. On the other hand, the missile will never reach its target and as if that were not enough, the missile crashes on the bridge of the city. This is the beginning of a general panic in the city.

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