George RR Martin (Game of Thrones author) loves the Netflix series!

Since the time fans have been hoping for an adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman comics, netflix made their dream come true with his eponymous series. Since, The Sandman is among the most-watched programs on the streaming service. Overall, the series has received good reviews and fans are already eager to find Morpheus and company in a season 2.

The Sandman – Netflix Credits

But while waiting for this big day, fans were treated to a little surprise gift from netflix : the streaming giant has just shared a bonus episode of The Sandman. On the menu: one more hour in the dark and dreamlike universe imagined by Neil Gaiman.

One bonus, two stories

With this surprise bonus of The Sandman, Netflix invites you to discover two completely autonomous stories from the Sandman universe. On the program: two stories for the price of one with new main characters, even if Morpheus is never far away.

In the first part of the bonus, entitled “A Dream of a Thousand Cats”, we discover that cats are also capable of dreaming, but above all how powerful dreams are, to the point of being able to reshape reality. You just have to be many… and share the same dream! But what can cats dream of exactly? What if it was dangerous? In addition to being dreamlike at will, “A Dream of a Thousand Cats” also has the particularity of being an animation. And it’s really beautiful.

The second part of the bonus is called “Calliope” and focuses on the muse of the same name. Muses are Greek deities who possess the gift of artistically inspiring people. In this episode, Calliope is captured and kidnapped by a writer in lack of inspiration. His ordeal will last for decades, until the day Morpheus arrives to help him free himself.

Can we expect a season 2?

This bonus episode is really a nice surprise for fans of The Sandman. It must be said that the latter are already numerous to claim a sequel, especially with the end of episode 10 which still gives hope! And yet, nothing is sure yet for the future of The Sandman.

It was Neil Gaiman himself who announced the (bad) news after fans asked him about the second season on Twitter. “No word or decision from Netflix on future seasons”said the author without taking gloves. “They’ll want to see how we do the first month before committing. This is another thing. »

Fans are crossing their fingers that the series will remain as popular as ever and continue to break viewing records on the streaming service. According to the latest figures from netflixThe Sandman has almost 130 hours of watch time since all 10 episodes were released on the platform.

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