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anime One-Punch Man will be entitled to a season 3. This is not a hoax. The news is still fresh and follows the fact that the franchise announced that it would be making a major announcement in the next few days.

Credits: Studio Madhouse, JC Staff

And it is now effective, Saitama, the being of immeasurable power will soon return to the front of the stage for new adventures.

A sensational announcement

It has now been more than three years since fans of the work of, had no more echoes on the anime of One Punch Man. After the season 2 finale, Saitama, the iconic character imagined by ONE and drawn by Yusuke Murata, seemed to have bowed out of the world of Japanese animation. While the adventure had started off on a high note with a first high-flying season, it was quite different for season 2.

Considered by many fans to be disappointing, the mixed reception Season 2 received seemed to have gotten the better of the franchise. But it seems that there was more fear than harm since One Punch Man will indeed have a season 3. We can say that the year 2022 really smiles on ONE who has the pleasure of seeing his two works, One Punch Man and Mob Psycho 100 both come back for a season 3.

The latest franchise news

Besides the announcement of the return of One Punch Man, there is no other crisp information around. Data such as those related to a release window, the production team or the cast, have not yet been communicated. As for the choice of the animation studio that will take care of the animated adaptation of season 3, the mystery is also complete. As a reminder, the first season which has been widely acclaimed is a production of Studio Madhouse.

As for season 2 which to some extent was a flop, it was the work of JC Staff. In view of such a difference, it is quite normal to wonder which studio will be entrusted with the heavy task of making the third season. Also, it remains to be seen how much of the Monster Association arc will be covered in Season 3. But more on that will have to wait for further announcements from the franchise.

Which studio do you see taking over the reins of the adaptation of One Punch Man? Are you excited for a season 3 of One Punch Man? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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