After a bit of a last-minute delay, Season 1 content for MultiVersus was finally launched yesterday. Available for several weeks in closed beta, then open to the public, the smash-like fighting game featuring the stars of Warner Bros. licenses. is finally available in final version.

Already a great success with players, with a user base that is only growing over the weeks, free-to-play multiplayer has been unveiled on Twitter the next additions to the cast of fighters, who will draw as much from DC comics as from cult feature films of the 80s…

Warner Bros. Games

MultiVersus love the bad guys

Make way for the bad guys, therefore, for the new fighters to come in MultiVersus. Season 1 will be marked by the arrival of two new characters, starting with black adam. A rival dressed in black to Shazam and endowed with equally mystical power, this charismatic antagonist will arrive in the coming months, but will not take on the appearance of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, his official interpreter on the big screen. Always on the side of evil, it’s in the universe of the saga Gremlins what the next addition to the cast will be drawn from. Stripethe leader of these little critters that you absolutely must not die after midnight, will also join the roster, without further information as to its release date.

One thing is sure: black adam and Stripe will only arrive after the Rick & Morty duo. The young Morty already has his online date, scheduled for August 23, while his grandfather Rick will only integrate MultiVersus only later during Season 1. In total, 4 new fighters will be added to the Player First Games game roster for this first season of content.

Two new game modes are also planned: Arcade, for solitary players, then Ranked, for competitive online battles. The Battle Pass and its many unlockable items are also available in MultiVersuswith several cosmetic skins to boot. MultiVersus is available for free download on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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