The new Entry-level iPad and the next generation iPad Pro finally seem to have a launch window. Apparently they should debut soon.

If all goes well, Apple should normally hold a keynote next September. The event will of course be marked by the presentation of the new iPhone alongside other highly anticipated products. But this will not be the only conference that the firm will organize in the coming months. In fact, the Apple is scheduled to hold two events this fall. The second, which should take place between the end of October and the beginning of mid-November, will be devoted to the launch of the new iPads. Today, things finally seem to be clearing up. MacRumours recently published an article reporting a South Korean leak.


The article in question is related to the release of the next generations of Apple tablets.

Caution is required!

According to this source, we can expect a new entry-level iPad and the new iteration of the iPad Pro line. make their debut in October. However, as Phonearena points out, this information should be taken with a grain of salt. There is no guarantee that these products will actually be unveiled on this date. Moreover, the source through which the information leaked for the first time is not very well known in the world of high-tech, especially with regard to the circle of products of the Cupertino company. .

It must be said that there are many reasons to doubt the credibility of this leak. One of them is the fact that the release of iPadOS 16, the new version of the iPad operating system, is a little behind the usual schedule. It would not be conceivable that the new entry-level iPad as well as the new iteration of iPad Pro arrive before the deployment of the new software platform. Anyway, knowing Apple and its preferences for surprises, everything is possible.

What about the iPhone 14?

While waiting for the official announcement of the date of presentation of the new slates, know that the manufacturer is currently preparing the formalization of the iPhone 14. According to rumors, there will be four variations, namely a standard version, an iPhone 14 Max, an iPhone 14 Pro and an iPhone 14 Pro Max. The Pro versions would have a double punch on the screen. We also know that Apple could offer a 48 million pixel camera on the most expensive models. More interestingly, the arrival of this next series of iPhone would be marked by the switch to USB Type-C!

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