A player of NieR Automata claims to have convinced about twenty men met on Tinder to procure Yoko Taro’s creation, before ignoring them. She assures that she never promised anything in exchange for buying the game.

Without thinking about it at length, is there a common point between the dating application Tinder and the video game? NieR: Automata ? A priori none, or else we will look at you with a laughing pout. It was by searching on social networks that such a link was found, and very clever who could have suspected its content.


A Twitter user said that while browsing Tinder, she got caught up in convincing her male acquaintances to buy. NieR: Automata. She would then have “ghosted” these men, that is to say that she gave them no more news. When she stopped this practice, 22 meetings would have responded favorably to her request.

Tinder Dating Convinced To Buy NieR Automata: The ‘Obsessed’ Instigator With The Game

This player of NieR: Automata assures that at no time did she promise these men to sleep with them in exchange for buying the game. For her, “more sales” meant “more games of [Yoko] Taro ».

Kotaku reported this story and sought to obtain proof of what this Internet user was saying. The latter could not convince our colleagues that it had led to the purchase of twenty-two copies of NieR: Automata, thus explaining that the facts went back several years. She nevertheless provided more or less explicit screenshots, with interlocutors who found it hard to believe that they were going to buy a game to impress a girl.

The girl in question confesses her obsession with NieR: Automata, whom she experienced during a period of her life when she was depressed and driven by suicidal thoughts. She explains what led her to stop encouraging the purchase of the game before no longer talking to her contacts:

“I quit because I realized how nonchalant I had become over something so twisted… Even though some of them were really disgusting, others maybe didn’t like the game or were not very keen on analysis and theories, and [j’ai] probably hurt their feelings [en] fading away. »

Note that our player has a sanctuary dedicated to one of the game’s characters. Yoko Taro in person followed her on social networks following the publication of a naughty “fan art”. And according to her, this last attention would have reinforced her obsession for NieR: Automata. It would almost make you want the next Taro to dwell on the theme of not getting attached to things.

Source: Kotaku

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