Prepare yourselves !  Disney+'s Daredevil will be different from Netflix's

There are only two days left until the first episodes of She-Hulk finally land on Disney+. Fans are really looking forward to finally discovering the beautiful and bubbly Jennifer Walters. It must be said that despite the little CGI problems, the series promises to be funny and full of action.

Many fans are also eager to check out the series for a reason. A beloved character from the Marvel franchise will indeed be back: we are obviously talking to you about Daredevil who will always be played by Charlie Cox, the same interpreter as in the Netflix series.

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Jessica Gao, the screenwriter and realist of She-Hulk, however indicated that the Daredevil of her TV show will not be the same as that in the series Daredevil and The Defenders of Netflix. Details !

Jessica Gao tells us everything

It was during an interview with The Direct (and reported by Screen Rant) that Jessica Gao confided in about She-Hulk’s Daredevil. She warned fans that Hell’s Kitchen’s dark vigilante will be much “lighter” in the upcoming Marvel series. ” […] people have already seen a Daredevil that is very dramatic, a bit heavy, very dark, brooding”, said Jessica Gao enthusiastically. She then explained that with She-Hulk, they wanted to explore another side of Daredevil, so that the character would “play in the tone of She-Hulk.”

The series will be full of guests!

Daredevil will not be the only distinguished guest to land in She-Hulk. The series will indeed be full of nice cameos and will thus see the participation of several other emblematic characters of the MCU. To name a few, there will be Wong, but also the Abomination. And without forgetting this very dear Bruce Banner who is none other than the cousin of Jennifer Walters.

The first episodes of She-Hulk are coming to Disney+ this August 18.

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