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Famous Kim Kardashian’s collection of special edition Beats Fit Pro headphones was announced a week ago. These headphones are now available in Apple stores. They come in three colorways, neutral colors that match Kardashian’s signature palette.

Headphones are an inseparable element for most people in their daily lives. In a design video, Kim Kardashian said, “ Since you wear something every day, I wanted them to blend in. And I’ve never seen tech products, especially headphones, come in neutral colors “. Which is also true and Kim Kardashian saw it as a great sales opportunity.

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The specifics of Kim Kardashian’s special edition Beats Fit Pro headphones

The specificity of these headphones is above all the three trendy colors they feature. Public figure Kim Kardashian described the three colorways in her tweet as: ” Moon, Dune and Earth », only very trendy neutral colors. These headphones are Beats’ first custom Beats Fit Pro headphones since the regular Beats Fit Pro were released last November.

Kardashian’s headphones are available since yesterday for online purchase, with a personalized URL. They went on sale today at only select Apple stores and in limited quantities. The Verge says that for the United States, the affected Apple sites are the sites in Los Angeles, New York, Miami and Chicago. Their price is $199.99.

Features of the Beats Fit Pro earphones

Speaking of features, the Kim Kardashian Special Edition has the same features as the regular Beats Fit Pro model. They are great for athletes and that is because of their wingtips which give you a completely comfortable and secure fit. In addition, they also have a compact, lightweight and comfortable design.

They are also headphones with the best technology from Apple. They have active noise cancellation, spatial sound with dynamic head tracking and an adaptive equalizer. On top of all that, they have the new skin detection sensor. It’s a quality product but the only catch is that they don’t have wireless charging.


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