4 astuces pour mieux contrôler sa présence sur Tik Tok

Since 2020, tik tok overtook social media giant Facebook to become the most downloaded app in the world. Today she counts over a billion active users each month. Thanks to its powerful algorithm, Tik Tok presents content according to users’ interests. In addition, this platform is no longer just for entertainment today.

4 tips to better control your presence on Tik Tok / Credit 123RF

Indeed, for many professionals and for various companies, this solution has become a tool for Digital Marketing fully fledged. However, to better benefit from its advantages, it is essential to be visible there and to be able to measure the scope of its publications. To this end, discover 4 tips for better control your presence on Tik Tok !

1. Switch to a Business account

Like most social networks, Tik Tok offers dedicated accounts for businesses and professionals. These business accounts have many advantages. These include in particular Top View : a advertisingwhich appears in full screen with automatic sound playback.

It can go up to 60 seconds for a long format. In addition, Brand Takeover is an advertisement with a static or dynamic poster (3 to 5 seconds). You can use it with a professional account. To switch to Tik Tok Business, you must:

  • Access account settings by clicking on the 3 dots in the upper right corner;
  • Choose “Manage my account”;
  • Select the option “Switch to a Business account”.

You should then choose the category of your business from the proposals made. Finally, validate the choice to confirm the switch to Tik Tok Business.

2. Use TikTok Analytics

The main advantage of a professional account on this social media is that it allows you to use Tik tok Analytics . Indeed, this tool displays clear, effective and precise statistics of the account. It summarizes the performance of the account on last 7 to 28 days. This service of the Tik Tok social network displays for example:

  • The number of views per video;
  • The number of views on the profile;
  • Community growth.

Tik tok Analytics also allows toanalyze the profile of subscribers. In particular, we can know their country of origin as well as their favorite activities. This allows us to offer them better products and better services.

3. Launch challenges

The challenges on social networks and on Tik tok specifically have been very successful. This trend was notably driven by the confinements caused by the COVID 19 pandemic. This communication strategy makes it possible to increase its visibility and the commitment of subscribers to its profile.

Launching or participating in challenges makes it possible to maintain good contact with its subscribers who are also prospects. We then have more likely to convert them into customers.

Participation in your challenge will allow you to gauge and control your presence on Tik Tok. However, to have a successful challenge, choose a theme and an exercise (music, dance, etc.) which arouse great general interest.

4. The power of live streaming on Tik Tok

Direct or Lives are also good options to control your presence on Tik Tok. With some interesting topicsand a good animation, you can bring many platform users to participate in your live. You can then make them followers.

Note that the data provided by Tik Tok Analytics can also help identify an ideal date and time to go live with many participants.

Finally, as with the majority of digital platforms, it is necessary to provide interesting and captivating content to increase its visibility or notoriety.

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