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D-2 for MCU fans! She-Hulk is coming soon to Disney+, the first episode of the series is scheduled for this Thursday August 18th. But before, the TV show was screened in preview in front of a privileged few. We are obviously talking to you about the media who had the chance to see the first four episodes of She-Hulk long before everyone else!

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As expected, the lucky guys went wild on social media to share their thoughts on the new Marvel series and its lawyer superheroine. And the least we can say is that She-Hulk really made a good impression on critics.

The series is awash in compliments

Reported by the site, the first impressions of She-Hulk are very positive. The critics loved the humor and the light side of the series, they also praised the universe of the series which allows to discover another facet of the MCU. We are obviously talking to you about the legal side which brings more “realism” to this world where super heroes and super villains exist.

Critics also liked that She-Hulk remains connected to the MCU, but without overdoing it: “SheHulk is completely grounded in the MCU while showing us something completely new”in particular, said a critic on Twitter. “#SheHulk has a surprising amount of ties to the rest of the MCU’s past and future and legendary credits scenes in every episode. It’s very easy to get addicted to this show if you like to have fun”raved another critic about the series.

Another tweet called She-Hulk “hilarious, fun and silly”: “I enjoyed the unique way they tell this superhero origin story and it’s perfect”added the post.

The new super heroine is popular!

Early reviews of She-Hulk are also full of praise for the character of Jennifer Walters and her interpreter, Tatiana Maslany. They found that the actress perfectly knew how to interpret the lawyer – superheroine, acting in a way that was both funny and moving: “#SheHulk is a hilarious legal comedy dripping with MCU connections. Tatiana Maslany is awesome as Jen! She is very funny and the CGI looks good. Makes me want to see more! ».

Many have thus compared She-Hulk to a delicious mixture of Ally McBeal and superhero history: “She-Hulk is VERY different from the Marvel shows you’ve seen. Very much in the same vein as Ally McBeal – a woman in her thirties just trying to navigate her life and happens to be a Hulk”said a critic, visibly won over by the new Marvel series.

As you will have understood, the media really loved following the misadventures of this thirty-year-old lawyer who finds herself with superpowers overnight. All have only one hurry, to discover the sequel to She-Hulk which is composed of nine episodes.

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