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As you know, one of the first steps in starting digital transformation of your business is to build a website. However, it is not enough to simply create a website to achieve the real objectives in focus including improving your notoriety, lead generation (acquiring new prospects), increasing turnover, etc. . Thus, you must equip yourself with powerful technologies and adapted to benefit from an effective website.

As such, to avoid inconvenience, you must therefore host your website. This allows to be visible to the general public. A website without hosting is comparable to a car without wheels or even a house without a roof… It is therefore a point not to be overlooked for your presence on the web, especially if it is professional. Indeed, the choice of a quality web host can make the difference not only in terms of the comfort of your visitors’ visit, security, but also in search results (SERP).

Are you looking for a good web host for your website? Look no further! A French actor of the domain has been talking about him for some time. Her name ? LWS. The latter comes to the aid of professionals by providing turnkey solutions at breathtaking prices. Operating since 1999, it is undoubtedly one of the French leaders in the web hosting and domain name market. Focus on LWS!

What are the web hosting offers offered by LWS?

The LWS web host enjoys a great reputation in France. Today, the group manages more than 280,000 web hostings. He offers his expertise to all customer needs and makes web hosting accessible to everyone. In this section, we present the hosting services offered by this provider.

Standard Linux web hosting and ASP.NET Windows web hosting

Regardless of the operating system of your PC, it is possible to choose a Standard Linux website hosting. It is made up of four hosting offers ranging from the least efficient to the most powerful. In case your project requires more technical resources, you can also upgrade your subscription at any time. With a Standard Linux web hosting, you will benefit from at least one 100 GB disk space, a free domain name and the possibility of receiving unlimited traffic. All this is possible for a ridiculous price.

Re ASP.NET Windows web hosting, it is less efficient than Standard Linux web hosting because of its disk space which is only 25 GB. Also to be specified, this offer entitles you to native support for any CMS. A domain name is also offered. Moreover, given that the administration is done through Plesk 12prices are slightly higher.

cPanel Hosting and cPanel/WHM Reseller Hosting

cPanel LWS web hosting is the best solution if you want to host your website easily without having to touch too much on the technique. This type of hosting makes it very easy to manage your project even if you are a complete beginner in this field. You will also be offered an SSL protocol, which represents a significant saving of around 50 euros.

As it concerns cPanel/WHM reseller hosting, LWS also gives the possibility of selling web hosting to professionals and individuals. By subscribing, you can offer your prospects the performance of LWS. Through this hosting, LWS offers you, for example, a domain name or a 60 GB SSD disk space.

Optimized Hosting and VPS Servers

If you have a well-detailed idea of ​​your future project and you plan to create your site using a CMS such as WordPress or Prestashop, choosing LWS optimized hosting is the choice you need to make. This is explained by the fact that LWS has implemented specific hosting solutions for each CMS, in order to optimize the power and speed of your site.

Regarding the VPS servers, they are scalable and that is what makes them very interesting. Without any risk of losing your data, you can easily upgrade or downgrade your subscription. This type of hosting has a RAM whose power is between 2 and 12 GB, a hard drive between 160 and 500 GB and a monthly traffic which in any case is unlimited. VPS servers are especially recommended if you have big ambitions for your web project.

Minecraft Dedicated Server and Cloud Servers

As its name suggests, this type of hosting is for those who want to create a dedicated server at minecraft game. They can therefore create circles that can accommodate up to 50 players while benefiting from a bandwidth of up to up to 100 Mbps.

The French company also provides its customers with ultra-powerful cloud servers. These will allow you to store all of your data in optimal security conditions. By opting for this offer, you will be able to enjoy a RAM between 8 and 32 GB and a storage space ranging from 500 GB to 2 TB. That’s not all, you also benefit from continuous technical supervision.

As you have seen, the LWS host offers a very large number of accommodations. All you have to do is clearly identify your needs to find the hosting that best suits the specifics of your project.

What are the domain name offers offered by LWS?

In France, LWS stands out as one of the most prominent domain name providers. The company has registered over 500,000 web addresses for over 200,000 websites. This success is due to the great diversity of domain extensions as well as the very attractive prices offered by this French web player.

Whether it’s for the purchase or for the renewal of a domain name, you won’t have to break the bank. With LWS, it will be very easy for you to check the availability of a domain name. Better, you can also ensure the protection of your brand by registering as many extensions as possible. It is also to make a domain inbound transfer by another web host, without paying a penny.

In order to allow you a optimized management of all your DNS, and this, completely independently, the company offers you several options on the control panel. In addition, you are free with regard to the choice of servers that will host your sites. Fine-tune the performance of your sites with CloudFare and other tools made available.

Another very interesting information, LWS has implemented security measures against attacks to ensure maximum protection for your sites. We can cite among others:

The French host also offers you new features among popular extensions such as:

  • .immo;
  • .organic ;
  • .online;
  • .Paris ;
  • etc

These extensions will allow you to assert the identity of your brand and the sector of activity in which you operate without any difficulty. Finally, a SSL certificate is included with your domain name to switch your site to https as well as a SiteBuilder Pro software to allow you to create a web page in minutes.

Why choose LWS?

If you are still undecided about the multiple offers of the LWS web host, know that the latter also has other interesting assets that allow it to be among the best web hosts 2022:

  • An ergonomic interface : the interface proposed by LWS is easy to use and you will notice it in all the functions which you will launch. This allows you to manage your web hosting efficiently;
  • A site editor is effective : the LWS site editor allows you to create your web pages in a few clicks even if you have no specific technical knowledge. In addition, an optimization is made of all the pages so that they are displayed perfectly, whatever the media;
  • Excellent value for money : LWS hosting packages offer you everything you need to build a successful site;
  • Responsive customer support : the customer service is very responsive, which will allow you to solve your problem in no time. You can join them in several ways;
  • A good server configuration : LWS servers are installed in load balance which allows your sites to be extremely fast;
  • etc

All these advantages mean that for 20 years the LWS host has never disappointed its customers and has thousands of positive customer reviews to its credit on TrustPilot, HostAdvice, Google.

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