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It has now been two and a few months since the beta version of Android was released to the public. But the final version of Google’s operating system update started rolling out to the Pixel yesterday. The software is therefore no longer in beta version. Android 13 brings with it some small but useful new tools. It gives you more customizations, preferences and controls.

Android 13 is now compatible with Samsung, ASUS, Nokia (HMD), Motorola, OnePlus, Oppo, Sony and Xiaomi devices. As for the other devices, they will receive it a little later this year. This update offers about ten new features all intriguing. They support Android’s statements on its website: Your phone, tablet and more, all on your terms “.

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Material You and more security options

By using Material You, your device will look a little more like you. You get access to more themed app icons as well as an all-new media player displaying full-screen album artwork and a moving playback bar. You can also switch between languages ​​on your device.

The security of your data is an important task for the company. That’s why the photo picker lets you select only the photos and videos that certain sharing apps will need to access instead of your entire media library. There are also notification permissions, your applications will need your approval to send notifications. And finally a proactive protection that makes your clipboard history cleared and you will receive an alert when an application accesses your clipboard.

Other features

First and foremost is streaming messaging apps. With it, you can stream all kinds of messaging apps on Chromebook, and you can chat on your laptop when your phone isn’t in reach. It makes your life much easier.

Second, cross-device copy and paste becomes easier. Indeed, according to the company, you’ll soon be able to copy content — a URL, image, text, or video — from your Android phone and paste it directly onto your tablet. She claims that the reverse will also be feasible. Also, audio has been enhanced with Spatial Audio and the adoption of Bluetooth Low Energy audio.


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