Crédits: Ankama Animations

Wakfu landed in 2008 in a space with strong competition from Japanese productions. However, the French cartoon did not fail to rise among the best animated series of the time. The design of the universe, the cult replicas and the history of Yugo have made it a must to know. After three seasons, Ankama is getting ready for the fourth season of Wakfu. Let’s find out together everything you need to know about the sequel to this superb anime.

Credits: Ankama Animations

The Wakfu series is inspired by the worlds of the eponymous video game and Dofus. We follow Yugo, a young Eliatrope who is looking for his family. With his friends, he discovers the world of Krozmoz through adventures each more epic than the next.

The latest info on Wakfu season 4

Credits: Ankama Animations
Credits: Ankama Animations

The first three seasons of Wakfu benefited not only from an impressive visual, but also from a funny storyline full of twists and turns. Beneath its appearance as a cartoon for children, Wakfu’s narrative is also aimed at adults with anecdotes and references to pop culture.

Since its third season in 2017, the sequel to Wakfu has been long overdue. On several occasions, Anthony Roux alias Tot the creator of the series, communicated on a fourth season. But it was not until 2020 that a Kickstarter was launched for the series. The funds collected amounted to more than 1.9 million euros. According to Ankama, this will be used to produce 13 episodes. Normally scheduled for 2021, season 4 has been delayed due to the Covid crisis. It will finally be available only between September and October 2023 on France Tv.

The season 4 trailer

On the occasion of the Kickstarter, Ankama unveiled a trailer on its YouTube account. We find the Brotherhood of Tofu and Qilby the villain of season 2. The biggest change is seen in Yugo. We no longer have the 12-year-old teenager, but a young adult, whose powers seem more powerful.

  • The Season 4 Kickstarter trailer:

Reminder of the last events of Wakfu season 3

Credits: Ankama Animations
Credits: Ankama Animations

After Yugo and Tristepin’s fight against Ogrest, the members of the Tofu Brotherhood went their separate ways. Everyone lived their life according to their obligations. Yugo with the help of Ruel was looking for Adamaï. Tristepin and Evangelyne were taking care of their two children, and preparing for the arrival of a third. As for Amalia, she was in charge of the affairs of the Sadida Kingdom. But the troupe reunited after Evangelyne and her son were taken hostage. The latter were sequestered by the Brotherhood of the Forgotten, an organization under the control of Oropo.

Oropo is actually an Eliatrope. During the battle with Ogrest, Yugo used the Eliatrope Dofus. For a time, he became equal to a god. He thus gave life to his people the Eliatropes, to whom he entrusted his thoughts, memories and desires. Unfortunately, the Eliatrope people felt neglected by their creator, and the other gods. Furthermore, he was unable to reproduce. So every time an Eliatrope died, it transmitted its life force to the survivors. It was so until Oropo. The latter set up with Lady Echo the Brotherhood of the Forgotten, a secret society whose objective was to destroy the Inglorium, the world of the gods, to replace it with members of the Brotherhood. But his plan was undone by Echo, who sent the heroes into the Inglorium and closed the portal. Overcome with regret, Oropo ends up in the bars of Echo and blasts his dimension, dooming them both.

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Synopsis of Wakfu season 4

Credits: Ankama Animations
Credits: Ankama Animations

As said before, our heroes were sent to Inglorium by Lady Echo. What has become of them in this New World? Will Yugo leave the Eliatropereclus people in the White Dimension? Will he follow Qilby’s advice to take over a New World? Or will he bring his people to the world of the Twelve, which is suspicious of them? The possibilities and assumptions are many. On the Ankama side, things are already precise. Tot hinted via his Twitter account that the writing for season 4 has already been completed, and the first episodes have been animated.

Here is the official synopsis of season 4 contained in the Ankama Kickstarter:

“After the destructive battle waged against Oropo, but also against their own demons, Yugo and his friends find themselves at the gates of Ingloriom, the kingdom of the Gods. The Brotherhood of Tofu does not have time to wonder what fate the Twelve Divinities have in store for them for this sacrilege: the floating territory is devastated! What happened ? Is there a link between the victory they have just won and this chaos? Are they responsible for the situation or is it something much worse? Of something beyond them? How far will our heroes have to go this time? »

How many episodes for season 4 of Wakfu?

With the money collected via the Kickstarter, Ankama estimates that it will be able to produce 13 episodes for season 4. A special episode on Oropo will even be offered. Furthermore, Ankama intends to use this season to introduce the Era of Waven, a sequel to the Wakfu Era. Remember that Wakfu currently has 3 seasons of 65 episodes and three OAVs available on Netflix.

Which team is in charge?

Season 4 of Wakfu will count on the presence of Tot its creator. As for animation, Ankama is still in charge.

  • Original Title: Wakfu
  • Creation: Anthony Roux
  • Directed by: Fabrice Nzinzi
  • Music: Laurent Juillet, Guillaume Houze
  • Producer: Anthony Roux, Emmanuel Franck, Emmanuel Daras

Characters and voice actors

Credits: Ankama Animations
Credits: Ankama Animations

Season 4 will also be the big return of the characters of the series. Unlike other anime, Wakfu is a production of French origin, with French voice actors. Apart from Yugo who will certainly not be doubled by Fanny Bloc (since he has grown up according to the information in the trailer), the whole team from the beginnings should be present.

  • Amalia Sheran Sharm: Adeline Chetail
  • Tristepin de Percedal: Thomas Guitard
  • Evangelyne: Genevieve Doang
  • Ruel Stroud: Patrick Bethune
  • Adamai: Jeremy Prevost

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