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Many of us use the Google search tool on a daily basis. Lately, the team behind Google Search has been working on ways to tweak the snippets. That is to say, she is in the process of refining as much as possible the text boxes which, from time to time, spread false information ” while trying to offer help “.

To do this, Google announced an update on Thursday that is supposed to make search answers much more precise and avoid any problems related to false premises or questions for which no definitive answer would make sense. To achieve these goals, the company has paired it with an extension of the “About This Result” option, warnings about low-quality data voids, and a new partnership on mastering lesson plans. information for students coming from colleges and high schools.

What were the problems with Google Search?

Before the update, for example, when someone typed a question like: “How long does it take for light to travel from the Sun to the Earth?” “. Among the answers, Google offered a snippet that described Pluto’s distance. Previously, when you typed in a leading question about something that never happened, the snippets offered seemed to usually confirm the fact of that thing, and that by pulling together snippets of out-of-context text from a semi- linked.

Even though Google claimed these cases were “not very common”, people still saw and believed them, which is why it was time for Google to act. With the update, the company said that now its systems are better at detecting false premises and no longer offering a snippet at all.

Google’s other efforts to increase trust in Google Search

For about a year now, Google has placed disclaimers above search results with lower reliability that may arise in news situations. The latest news is that the company has extended these warnings to general situations. If there is no reliable result, a notice pops up before letting people scroll down the answer page.

The other effort of the company is the development of “About this page”. This option was created with the intention of allowing anyone searching to see details of the website where a given result came from. It’s only been available on search but it’s just launched in the Google iOS app in English, and Android will have to wait until later this year.


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