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Today, the digitization of the world through applications greatly facilitates our daily lives and Google Maps is not on the sidelines. The application allows its users to locate themselves, but also facilitates the location of places thanks to an integrated GPS. Frequently updated, it integrates more and more features that should be discovered for better use.

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1. Access Google Maps without an Internet connection

To use Google Maps, you normally need a connection. However, in some regions, it is possible to find yourself suddenly disconnected while browsing the application. To overcome this problem, you will need to first download areas of the map to your phone according to the regions where you want to go. Thus, even without a connection in underserved areas, you will be able to find your way via Maps. However, this function is only possible on Android for the time being.

2. Enjoy the best pocket address book with Google Maps

Whether it’s sightseeing, organizing outings with friends or lovers, Google Maps will allow you to better discover the places. In the search bar, you can index the type of places targeted and you will be offered to“Exploring the Surroundings”. You can even search for businesses such as a pharmacy or a restaurant and access related information. Indications such as name, address, contacts, schedules, photos and especially customer reviews.

3. Master road traffic in real time with Google Maps

One of the cool features of Google Maps is its ability to make us win time by analyzing traffic flow in real time. So you can easily take the best shortcut and avoid traffic jams. To do this, on the map, you need to go to the targeted area. By zooming in as much as possible, you can find the shortest path to save your time. Then, you can make projections of the route in order to choose the ideal means of transport to save the most time.

4. Benefit from augmented reality

If it is difficult to find your way around on the map of Google Maps, you find yourself more easily with augmented reality. To access it, you must activate the option “Live View” or “Display the route”. The camera of your smartphone will film the surroundings to superimpose them on the route so that you can find your bearings. This mode is on the bottom left of the started button. This option can also help you orient yourself when walking in a city or unfamiliar streets.

5. Search for a plane flight with Google Maps

Recently, Google Maps has integrated a new update: it is the possibility of search for a flight on the app. You just have to go to “Itinerary” and enter your destination in the search bar. Then select the Airplane icon on the right. The flights connecting to your destination will be displayed. You will be able to see the dates and times of departure, the travel time, as well as the price of the flight. Note that this function is still in development and is only available in France, England, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and the United States.

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