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Everything is a question of timing: yesterday evening, we were talking about the start of a live-action film adapted from Pac-Man, the cult arcade video game released in 1980. A new child of the madness of video game adaptations on the big screen that has taken Hollywood for several years now, driven by the success of feature films Sonic the Hedgehog.

Far from abandoning this beautiful financial windfall, Paramount intends to renew the bet a third time, and as indicated by Deadline, this new excursion to the cinema already has a release date.

Credit: Paramount

It is therefore on December 20, 2024 that the American distributor intends to unveil sonic the movie 3 in cinemas around the world. The formalization of this third film had been confirmed in the wake of the release of sonic the movie 2 last April. This sequel, still directed by Jeff Fowler, proved to be a real commercial hit around the world, amassing more than 400 million dollars at the international box office, far exceeding the receipts of the first episode, which was around 319 million.

Actor Ben Schwartz lends his voice to the character of sonic in the cinema, alongside actor James Marsden playing his fortune companion against the embezzlement of Dr. Robotnik, played by none other than Jim Carrey. This second installment introduces two new characters from the SEGA universe, namely Tails, the two-tailed fox, but also and above all Knuckles, voiced by British actor Idris Elba. The echidna with the big dots will also be the hero of a spin-off series, also under construction within Paramount.

Always in the news of the adaptations of sonic, a new anime series is expected on the Netflix streaming service. Intended for a younger audience, Sonic Prime unveiled short first images in a teaser released last May… Without knowing more about its interplay. In any case, the action seems to take place in Green Hill, like a return to normal in the face of his earthly adventures in the cinema.

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