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We hadn’t seen such nerve for a long time. Embracer Group recently made headlines when it acquired Square Enix’s western studios for hundreds of millions of dollars. A transaction that allows the Swedish group to get their hands on several renowned developers, including Crystal Dynamics, but especially Eidos Montreal to whom we owe the recent blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy. It is this last studio that is at the center of a new scoop, unveiled by journalist Jeff Grubb this morning, suggesting a probable return of the franchise. Deus Exso popular with fans, and shelved for almost a decade.

It was at the microphone of his Game Mess Morning show that the insider gave the first information on what looks like a real cyberpunk war…


And when we say cyberpunk, it is also in the literal sense of the term. Embracer would be targeting a certain Polish studio called CD Projekt RED, whose latest game would be a standard to be raised. Words from Grubb, the Swedish band “would really like to come back to Deus Exwith a clear objective in mind: “They want to succeed where Cyberpunk 2007 failed, that’s the rumor going around right now”.

The journalist remains cautious about his words, but argues that the recent acquisition would play a decisive role in the comeback of Adam Jensen, the hero of the saga Two Ex “I mean, we’ll see what happens. It’s still very early, and we don’t know what will happen to it, but it wasn’t even likely… It was unlikely that such a rumor was possible you Square Enix, right?.

Although it was ultimately a definite commercial success for CD Projekt RED, the game’s critical reception was more mixed, in particular because of its disastrous launch. The group Embracer could see an opportunity to shine in the cyberpunk open-world RPG genre with the saga Deus Exwhich has not received a new game since the episode Mankind Divided in 2016. But we will probably have to wait a little while before knowing more…

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