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28 years after its first release in the United States, Super Punch Out!! had not yet revealed all its secrets. If this title published on Super Nintendo still conceals mysteries, we now know recently that it is possible to play it for two.

Even officials at Nintendo were unaware of this. By consulting the file of Super Punch Out!! on the eShop, where this boxing title is available on New Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, we read that the game is only playable for a single player.

Nintendo credit.

Other versions of Punch-Out, such as the one released on Wii, allow you to bump into joy and good sweat between two players simultaneously. But until August 8, Super Punch Out!! remained a solitary distraction.

A two player mode was hidden in Super Punch-Out!!

The Unlisted Cheats Twitter account, which strives to find new cheat codes for old games, found two for Super Punch Out!!. It is specified that these codes work not only on Super Nintendo/SNES, but also on the version available on the Nintendo Switch Online application and that contained in the Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System. A priori, it should be the same on New Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, despite platforms where local multiplayer is not the easiest to set up.

The first code allows us to choose our opponent, even if the latter is initially locked. To do this, at the title screen, press and hold Y and R on controller 2 and then press A or Start on controller 1. A screen will then appear with 16 selectable rivals.

The first code engages in a similar fashion. In the newly obtained mode, at the character info screen, pressing and holding B and Y on controller 2 before pressing A or Start on controller 1 allows a second player to take control of the opponent. And now, to breathe new life into one of Super Nintendo’s flagship titles.

It’s so beautiful you could cry. But wiping tears with gloves, no thanks.

Source : Twitter @new_cheats_news (via VGC)

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