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Only a few months before the arrival of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Activision is already warming up with a series of announcements posted on its official blog. Despite the takeover of the group by Microsoft, the pre-release program will not change the well-established habits of fans of the franchise, who will need to have a PlayStation console to be able to enjoy the game in advance.

With a minimal but certain decline in its player base, the FPS franchise has a lot to do to win back the hearts of the public, disappointed with the latest episode. Vanguard.


Call of Duty will be beta in September

It is therefore next September that Activision gives an appointment to PlayStation players for two beta sessions. The festivities will begin from September 16 to 20 for those who have pre-ordered Modern Warfare 2 upstream, while the rest of the public will have to wait two more days, that is September 18, before being able to start in part. This open beta will be available to all PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 players, with no PS Plus subscription needed, which is good news.

The second test session will take place the following weekend, following the same pattern as the first. Pre-orders will grant the right to play a little in advance, starting September 22, while the plebs will be satisfied with September 24, with an end of beta dated September 26. This second test weekend is no longer the prerogative of PlayStation players, and will therefore be accessible to all console and PC players. However, unlike their counterparts at Sony, Microsoft faithful will have to have an Xbox Live Gold subscription, or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, to be able to participate.

Several modes and game maps will be accessible during these betas, including the famous Marina Bay Grand Prix map, taking place on a Formula 1 circuit. Activision could not decently do without the madness around Drive to Survive… of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is expected for October 28, 2022. A livestream specially dedicated to the future of the franchise, and therefore to Warzone 2, is scheduled for September 15.

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