The holidays continue, but for those who have nothing planned for the next few days, Netflix invites you to hang out a little at home in front of a good movie. Like every week, the streaming giant indeed offers several new features in its already well-stocked catalog.

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Netflix invites you to discover its adaptation of “13”, a famous Broadway musical, but also to find Jamie Foxx as a hyper badass vampire hunter in “Day Shift”. Lovers of pretty romantic comedies will also not be left out with “Les Chants du cœur”. These are three new films that await you on the platform this week. Details !

Songs of the Heart – Comedies

Do you love unlikely love stories? Well, that’s precisely what happened to Piroz in “Les Chants du cœur”: Piroz is a nomadic musician who travels through the villages to animate weddings or funerals. One day, he catches sight of Sumbul and falls madly in love with her. The problem? Sumbul is the bride of the next event he has to host. It’s love at first sight between them, feelings that will attract the wrath of Sumbul’s family. Piroz will do everything to save the life of his beloved. The film promises to be as funny as it is cute.

13: The Musical – Musical

Broadway fan, how about discovering the Netflix version of “13”? The story follows Evan Goldman whose perfect life changes when his parents divorce and he has to leave New York for Indiana. And all this before his Bar Mitzvah! Now far from his father and friends, Evan has to start all over again and decides to make his Bar Mitzvah the coolest party ever. But not easy to manage everything and please everyone. A beautiful family comedy that promises good times in music with endearing characters.

Day Shift – Comedy, horror

When vampire hunting becomes a lucrative business, it gives “Day Shift”! In this action-packed film, we find Bud, an ordinary pool cleaner in Los Angeles who actually leads a double life. Bud is indeed a member of an international syndicate of vampire hunters, a job that brings in quite a bit of money. Bud is also determined to kill as many bloodsuckers as possible to pay for his granddaughter’s school and braces. The trailer promises a film that is both explosive and crazy, with long-toothed vampires and a Jamie Foxx in top form.

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