this new video shows the transformation of Vecna

Three years after marinating fans, Stranger Things finally returned with a fourth season rich in revelations and twists. This highly-anticipated sequel finally met the series’ ultimate villain. The one who’s been after Eleven all along and caused a lot of massacres in Hawkins. We are obviously talking about the terrifying Vecna!

We can say that the character had a great effect on the fans: they loved him for his story, his power, his presence, but also (AND ESPECIALLY) for his terrible voice from beyond the grave! Yes, it is thanks to this last detail that Jamie Campbell Bower landed the role of Vecna, as he had confided in the making of special Vecna ​​of Stranger Things.

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Since then, the actor is often invited to say a little more about his vocal performances in Stranger Things, but also to make the show! Guest on Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show, Jamie Campbell Bower had fun repeating famous slogans and lines with the voice of Vecna.

Vecna ​​is doing the show and it’s really funny

It is in a video posted on Twitter by IGN magazine that we can see Jamie Campbell Bower doing the show with the voice of his character in Stranger Things. And the least we can say is that the actor really had fun reciting lines from famous films with his voice from beyond the grave: the public was treated to an amusing parody of famous dialogues in “Love at first sight in Notting Hill” or “Titanic”. The performance of Jamie Campbell Bower made the audience laugh. We can see that the actor himself had a good laugh doing his show.

Can’t wait for season 5 to find Vecna!

Season 4 of Stranger Things ended on a most ominous note for Eleven, her friends, and everyone in Hawkins. It is with great impatience that fans await the return of the series for a fifth and final season. Some are all the more impatient, because Vecna ​​and Jamie Campbell Bower will also be there! We don’t yet know what exactly will happen, but the villain promises to be even more cruel and fearsome for the sequel.

Fans can’t wait to see what this will bring. Many also hope that this last season of Stranger Things does not make itself too desired. We cross fingers !

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