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The DCEU is definitely not out of the inn. The franchise continues to encounter problems, the latest of which is none other than the cancellation of the film. Batgirl. The news is all the more shocking for everyone, because completed for several months already, the feature film was in full post-production. Batgirl was then due to be released this year on the HBO Max streaming platform.

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And yet, a twist: Warner Bros. suddenly decided to throw everything in the trash much to the chagrin of Leslie Grace, Brendan Fraser and everyone who worked hard on the project. Fans and many movie personalities immediately expressed their sympathy and support. All protested the decision of Warner Bros. Well… almost all of them.

In fact, smart guys like Simu Liuthe star of Shang-Chi, dared to poke fun at the situation.

A joke in VERY bad taste

According to the news reported by the various media, Warner Bros. made the decision to cancel the film Batgirl to “preserve” DC and the DCEU. The first feedback on the feature film was indeed not at all positive and the studio wanted at all costs to anticipate another flop with the public.

It is in relation to this most shaky justification that Simu Liu decided to make a little joke on Twitter. The actor who stars in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings had fun tweeting that Disney had decided to cancel the “Shang-Chi Holiday Special” when everything had already been filmed. As this is not to the taste of Mickey’s house, everything is forgotten!

“I am sorry to inform you that Disney has decided to remove the Shang-Chi Holiday Special due to quality control issues. I had already filmed everything. I even designed an all-Gingerbread Ta Lo. RIP Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Golden Rings »joked Simu Liu.

The fans are not laughing at all

We suspect that Simu Liu meant no harm by making this little joke on Twitter. Like everyone else, the actor clearly blamed Warner Bros. for his decision to throw away a film that fans were impatiently awaiting, but above all the fruit of long-term work.

But as expected, the joke of Simu Liu fell flat. Many fans expressed their outrage at the tweet: “Simu, I love you. But delete this tweet, it’s not a pleasant situation for the entire creative team behind this project at Warner. Apology video immediately »said a fan. ” Really ? You know that many people are suffering. And you have to make a joke of that. NOT THAT. Be grateful for what you have. And that your movie isn’t canceled yet. It is shameful ! » another was indignant.

As you can see, fans found Simu Liu’s attitude to be truly disrespectful to the creative team behind it. Batgirl and all demanded that the actor delete his very bad taste joke. Most also felt that Simu Liu should apologize most sincerely.

For now, the tweet is still in plain sight on Twitter and the actor has yet to come forward. However, that shouldn’t take long. To be continued.

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