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Surely one of the most anticipated adaptations by players, the television series The Last of Us is expected ahead of its broadcast on the HBO network, scheduled for the beginning of next year. While waiting to discover the official trailer, new photos taken from the filming of the series have found their way to Twitterallowing a direct comparison with screenshots of the cult PlayStation 3 game. Something to reassure skeptics fearing a transposition too far from the original work.


The Last of Us, from the controller to the small screen

If no episode has yet been broadcast at the moment, one thing seems certain: The Last of Us TV version is visually very close to the original game. These shots taken during filming show an attention to detail that is felt right down to the choice of costumes, where it seems obvious that the teams behind this adaptation seek above all to stick as closely as possible to the visual identity shaped by Naughty Dog.

The presence within the production team of Neil Druckmann, director of the game, must have contributed to this attention to detail. Like the TPS on which it is based, this television series will follow the quest of Joel Miller, a family man scarred by the death of his family at the start of the zombie apocalypse, finding himself entrusted with the custody of Ellie Williams, young girl whose DNA may contain the antidote to the terrible Cordyceps infection that has ravaged humanity.

While waiting to be able to discover this transposition on the small screen, Naughty Dog is already preparing the return of its hit. The Last of Us Part I, remake of the 2013 game completely rebuilt for the new generation of consoles, will be released in just under a month on PlayStation 5. The American studio had presented the new features expected for this update through a long development diary uploaded to YouTube. We then learned the integration of several new game modes (permadeath, speedrun), as well as the addition of many accessibility options, such as a full audio description mode.

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