Photo of the Trust GXT 391 Thian Wireless Gaming Headset

What we expect from a good gaming headset is a quality design, good features and good sound. In view of its technical data sheet, this GXT 391 Thian model from the Trust brand seems to tick all the boxes.

Photo of the Trust GXT 391 Thian Wireless Gaming Headset

Would we really be at the rendezvous of quality? That’s what we’ll find out together.

We have what quality of design ?

Long before its features, a gaming headset must above all have an impeccable design. In this regard, the Trust GXT 391 Thian is a good student.

Indeed, this gaming headset has been entirely made of durable materials. Not only does it last very well over time, but it also withstands falls and shocks without problems. In the context of gaming, where the use of the accessory is most often daily, this headset is the ideal ally.

That it is made of durable materials does not make it a heavy accessory. The manufacturer has succeeded in combining robustness and lightness. 197 g is the weight of the Trust GXT 391 Thian. At less than 200g, a gaming headset has never been easier to wear. Again, the lightness plays in favor of long use without fatigue.

The Trust brand has also paid particular attention to the quality of the headphones. These are equipped with pads covered with two layers of coatings, imitation leather covered with mesh fabric, chosen for its breathable character. It’s the perfect combination to keep your ears dry during long hours of use.

In addition to the coating, it is the diameter of the pads that contribute to the comfort of use of the helmet. These are 40 mm diameter models, large enough to fit your ears, whatever their size.

Enjoying the wireless connection

With the Trust GXT 391 Thian headphones, we are on a wireless model. As a wireless model, this headset is equipped with a lithium-ion battery that provides 13 hours of battery life. It is a model that recharges rather quickly via the USB-C receiver with which it is equipped; the device comes with a USB-A charging cable.

For a gamer, having a mobile headset is interesting from the point of view of independence from the rest of the equipment, in particular the audio source. Not being subject to the constraint of a wired connection, the headset is favorable to various movements, provided that it does not exceed the range necessary to maintain the connection.

Better, the encoding of the audio source has evolved so much today that the sound quality is not affected by this wireless connection. With this Trust GXT 391 Thian headset, the connection is ensured by Bluetooth connectivity.

Added to this is the fact that the controls are integrated into the headphones to allow sound settings, without having to get closer to the audio source. On this model in this case, the manufacturer has integrated a volume control to decrease or increase it. A mute button has also been provided to activate or deactivate the microphone. Speaking precisely of the microphone, that of the Trust GXT 391 Thian is a foldable model, which allows you to adapt it to the use you make of it.

What about sound quality?

This headset is a supra-aural model, that is to say that once worn, the pads that protect the headphones rest on the cartilage of the ears, unlike a circum-aural headset, whose pads encompass the ears and its rather in contact with the skull.

Audio comfort of the Trust GXT 391 Thian wireless gaming headset
Audio comfort of the Trust GXT 391 Thian wireless gaming headset

The support of the pads of the Trust GXT 391 Thian is strong enough to allow good sound immersion, without compromising the comfort of use. Surprisingly, these headphones offer good sound isolation against surrounding noise, which is quite practical when you have children or animals nearby.

This isolation allows you to enjoy the sound quality; the headphones are designed to produce stereo sound. It thus ensures sound restitution and diffusion, and this, without lag in the treble or bass.

The power of a cross-platform device

One of the strengths of this Trust GXT 391 Thian wireless headset is its very wide compatibility. Indeed, the accessory is compatible not only with a computer, but also with most of the latest generation game consoles, in this case the PlayStation 4, and the PlayStation 5.

The Trust GTX 391 Thian wireless gaming headset in a few paragraphs

After reviewing all the features of the Trust GXT 391 Thian headphones, the accessory is attractive in many ways.

Good finish and eco-responsible materials

Behind this impeccable finish hides an eco-responsible helmet, the device being entirely designed with recycled materials. In addition to the padding of the pads, the headband has also been padded for good comfort of use and an optimal playing experience.

Exceptional ease of use

The finish does not only contribute to the charm of the device. It also contributes to the comfort of use, in particular with its featherweight and pads with a double coating of exceptional quality. It allows prolonged use, which is a major advantage given the autonomy of the device.

With 13 hours of battery life, the Trust GXT 391 Thian headset is the perfect gamer’s accessory, since it will last all day or all night, depending on your gaming schedule. The battery charges relatively quickly, which makes the helmet quickly operational. Being cable-free, this wireless headset frees you from any tangles. You not only have freedom for installation, but also freedom for use.

Audio comfort of the Trust GXT 391 Thian wireless gaming headset
Audio comfort of the Trust GXT 391 Thian wireless gaming headset

As the microphone is foldable, it can be turned in any direction without risk of damage. The controls integrated into the helmet also make it easy to use. You can mute your microphone if you don’t want to be heard on other days.

Good sound quality

As for the spatial distribution of sounds, the Trust GTX 391 Thian gaming headset holds up, with treble and bass without distortion and without crackling, even when the volume is turned up. The sound power is there, without the sound being saturated.

As an on-ear headphone, the device is able to filter surrounding noise and ensure good listening quality.

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