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Main character of the franchise evil DeadAsh Williams appears inseparable from his interpreter Bruce Campbell. Would the latter find it relevant to leave his place to another actor to perpetuate this icon of the fight against the living dead?

In the cinema, licenses are stronger than those who bring them to life on screen. Of course, certain figures will imprint themselves more than others on the minds of the spectators, but the actors are well aware of being the cog in a mechanism that was born before them and which will remain long after their passage.

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The Evil Dead franchise cannot be separated from Ash Williams, a character of such importance that his first name is even present in the title of the series following the events of the films. Since the first feature film released in 1981, it is Bruce Campbell who gives life to Ash, and we have since found him in three films, a series therefore and even several video games.

Bruce Campbell will not appear in Evil Dead Rise

A fifth Evil Dead movie is currently in the works for HBO Max, Evil Dead Rise. In the manner of the Evil Dead of 2013 but here in a more supported way, Ash Williams will not be the star of the show, but rather two sisters. To see now if the public more or less fan of Evil Dead will be receptive to this pair of heroines. But for the future?

During San Diego Comic-Con, Screen Rant asked Bruce Campbell, producer on Evil Dead Riseif he would be in favor of a new casting being organized to give Ash a new skin.

“No, that would be boring. We don’t want to do that. I wouldn’t want to put an actor through that. Because now the Evil Dead movies are really more based on the books. There are three books we came across in Army of Darkness. There are three books, and they appear in the weirdest places possible. The new movie Evil Dead Rise is an urban film, about a single mother. The apartment is therefore the cabin, if you will.”

Expected release later in the year.

Source: Screen Rant

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