Meta has lost yet another important member of its structure. Indeed, on August 1, Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s chief operating officer officially resigned from her position. She explained that the fourteen years she spent in the service of the multinational were for her an honor and the privilege of a lifetime. Mark Zuckerberg, meanwhile, said Sheryl Sandberg taught him everything about running a business and that his departure marked the end of an era.

Note that Sheryl Sandberg had a very brilliant career. Prior to joining Meta, she worked at the World Bank consulting group McKinsey and also at Google as Vice President of Global Sales and Operations. For a while, she was the director of personnel for the US Treasury. What prestigious organizations!


Sheryl Sandberg is a centerpiece of the multinational

Mark Zuckerberg recalled that it was in 2008 that he hired Sheryl Sandberg, who was then 38 years old. And he, 23 years old, had no experience in corporate governance. It was Sheryl Sandberg who taught him everything. She designed the architecture for Meta’s advertising business. She also recruited great people while shaping the company.

In other words, Meta wouldn’t be where it is now without Sheryl’s active contribution. However, she will remain an employee of Meta until September 30, 2022, after which she will continue as a member of the Board of Directors only. She will therefore receive remuneration as a non-salaried director. After Sheryl’s departure, there will be a major restructuring at Meta.

Who will replace Sheryl Sandberg?

Mark Zuckerberg has chosen Javier Olivan as the company’s chief operating officer. However, her responsibilities will be somewhat different from those of Sheryl Sandberg. His role as COO will be more traditional because he will focus on the internal and operational level. Javier Olivan is going to have to build on his strong track record to make the company’s execution more efficient and rigorous.

The change comes at a difficult time for Meta. Zuckerberg and Sandberg are invited to a Cambridge Analytica trial likely to be held in September. Olivan will also be there and will face 5 hours of deposition.


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