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Stranger Things hit hard with its fourth and penultimate season: the flagship series of netflix indeed introduced its most terrible villain yet. Baptized Vecna, the character is not only intelligent and powerful, but he especially marked the minds of the fans with his charisma and his nightmarish physique… and without forgetting his voice from beyond the grave!

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Jamie Campbell Bower, the interpreter of Vecna, has also confided in about his vocal performances in Stranger Things. During his appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (reported by Screen Rant), the actor shared how he created the voice of the terrible antagonist.

The actor worked on it for months

Asked by Jimmy Fallon about Vecna’s creepy voice, Jamie Campbell Bower confided that it took him several months to finally find the perfect intonation for the character. The actor also said that he was inspired by horrific characters like Freddy Krueger or Pinhead from Hellraiser to create “a deep and resounding voice that comes out of the darkness”.

“Took a few months to get it right, we had the reading in March 2020 and I had worked on Vecna ​​a bit. I only got the job in January, so I had had a kind of February to prepare”Told Jamie Campbell Bower. “We did the reading and I was there kind of at the table reading with everyone, I sat behind Millie and I was doing the vocals and it started in this kind of nasal area, kind of more like Freddie Krueger and it just wasn’t landing. So I went home and worked on it and did a bunch of reference work on like Hellraiser and Doug Bradley, in particular, and it said that, you know, that deep, booming voice comes out kind of dark. »

The actor also shared that he absolutely loved the whole process of creating Vecna’s voice. He called the adventure “incredible”, but also fun and rewarding.

Jamie Campbell Bower got the role thanks to his voice…

Apart from her appearance, Vecna’s voice thus contributes to making the character even scarier. It is in large part thanks to this that Jamie Campbell Bower landed the role. This crisp detail was shared by the actor himself in the special Vecna ​​making-of of Stranger Things.

Jamie Campbell Bower said that when Matt and Ross Duffer (the creators and showrunners of Stranger Things) contacted him for the role, the two brothers raved about his voice. They kept saying they loved her and she was perfect to be Vecna’s.

Fans are already looking forward to reuniting with Jamie Campbell Bower in the sequel Stranger Things. As a reminder, netflix has renewed its flagship series for a fifth and final season that promises a grand finale, with Vecna ​​even more powerful and frightening than ever.

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