Elden Ring has been a smash hit on YouTube since its launch

Difficult to miss the phenomenon Elden Ring. Several months after its release, FromSoftware’s action-adventure game continues to create emulators, both among fans of the famous Soulsborne and among players who love a full-bodied experience. A success that resulted in great sales, but also in unfailing popularity on social networks, but also Youtube.

Proof by statistics: the account Twitter YouTube Gaming posted on Twitter an infographic grouping the different performances ofElden Ring on the video hosting site, but also the most common topics of interest among content creators.

Credit: FromSoftware

The videos on Elden Ring flock to YouTube

It is therefore no less than 3.4 billion views that the videos relating to Elden Ring totaled for the game’s launch in late February 2022. In the 60 days since its release, the latest from the FromSoftware studio will have amassed more views than behemoths like The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, Zelda: Breath of the Wild or Super Mario Odyssey. His total is followed by Red Dead Redemption 2 (1.4 billion) and GTA 5 (1.9 billion), two huge Rockstar hits whose success is well established.

The infographic also covers the content of the most popular videos, including the famous boss fights that make the salt of FromSoftware games. It is Margit the fallen who monopolizes the majority of uploads, followed logically by Melania, one of the toughest fights. Just behind, we find successively Godrick, Strascourge Radahn and finally the draconic sentry of the tree. As for the classes of the game, as much to say that the players were quickly attracted by that of the Samurai, which represents the majority of the videos relating to the subject. That of the Heroes occupies the second place, followed by the Destitute, the Astrologers and finally the Warriors.

In addition to Youtubefans ofElden Ring have also found their echo on Twitter: the adventure in the Underworld is thus among the most tweeted games in the first part of 2022, ahead of Valorant, Zelda and even Fate Grand/Order.

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