As if nothing had changed, One Piece is back in business with its weekly publications. After several weeks of calm, the franchise has finally restarted the machine with the release of new chapters. A week after the release of chapter 1054, it is now the turn of chapter 1055 to be unveiled.

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And if the previous one was rich in revelations, chapter 1055 is clearly not left out on this point.


The Confessions of Tenguyama Hitetsu

Kaido’s defeat marked the end of Wano’s incredible arc. The road traveled by Luffy and his companions was really not easy before reaching this conclusion. That said, their journey is far from over, as the hardest part is arguably yet to come in One Piece.

And that’s an understatement, because the latest revelations in Chapter 1055 are bound to leave you speechless. In previous chapters, fans were already surprised to learn that Sukiyaki Kozuki, Momonosuke’s grandfather was still alive. The latter pretended to be dead so as not to be targeted again by Orochi and his minions.

To slip through the cracks, he hid behind a Tengu mask and called himself Tenguyama Hitetsu. Accompanied by Nico Robin and Trafalgar Law, Sukiyaki leads the Conduits to a secret location that only he knows about.

The well-kept secret about the genesis of Wano

To say that Sukiyaki was the only one who knew about this location is a bit of an overstatement, as Kaido and his men eventually discovered the secret room. As the trio continue down the steps, Sukiyaki makes it clear to them that the real Wano is not the realm known to all that lies on the surface.

The real Wano, over 800 years old, is found under water. It is true that it was quite confusing for Robin and Law to learn it like this. However, Sukiyaki went further in his explanations. According to him, Wano was originally an island located around a huge mountain. But one day, gigantic walls were erected to block all access to the island.

That said, what was not expected was for the rainwater to build up inside the barrier to the point of completely submerging the original island. No longer able to live on their land, the inhabitants of Wano decided to settle higher on the side of the mountain. And this is how the Wano known to all today comes to life.

The truth about the ancient weapon Pluto

If the history around Wano is already incredible, know that you are not at the end of surprises. After sinking deep into the mountain, Sukiyaki leads Robin and Law to a room where the third Road Poneglyph is stored. With this one uncovered, there’s only one left to find before we can figure out the path to Laugh Tale.

However, this is not the only use of a Poneglyph since it also allows to obtain information on ancient weapons. It is then that Sukiyaki explains to our two friends that he does not know the exact location of the ancient weapon Pluto. That said, he knows how to wake up Pluto. And to do this, it is necessary to literally destroy the walls that guard Wano.

In other words, the expression “open the country of Wa” used several times by Oden in the past and then by Momonosuke finally takes on its full meaning. Far beyond the simple opening of borders, “opening the country of Wa” would therefore amount to unleashing the destructive power of Pluto. As you can see, the new plots developed in just two chapters are already laying the foundations for new adventures even more thrilling than the previous ones.

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