the vpn is a practical solution for browsing anywhere while remaining anonymous. This is a virtual private network designed to browse the Internet with a fictitious geographical position thanks to servers. If there are different versions, the ideal is to opt for a highly efficient solution with an attractive price-performance ratio. Here is our checklist of the 15 best VPNs you can bank on.

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1 — NordVPN

NordVPN is almost on everyone’s lips in France. In France, the reputation of this VPN is highly praised. This software embeds 5500 servers distributed in 54 countries on different continents of the globe. It is popular with more than 14 million internet users. Indeed, this high-performance private network solution has very secure encryption systems. Promoting a high-speed connection, the VPN can be used on Chrome and Firefox in addition to the application offered by the supplier. With this program, Netflix, Amazon video, Disney are conquered.

2 — Surfshark

Surfshark, created in 2018, stands out from other VPNs for its unstoppable speed. Possessing 3200 servers Present in 65 countries, this VPN remains very fast and efficient when it comes to streaming. Its base is located on the islands of Great Britain. Guarantor of your security and confidentiality, the application protects your data from hacking. What’s more, the subscription price remains accessible to all. With an ad blocker, a camouflage mode and the split tunneling function, Surfshark allows you to change your GPS address in a few clicks.

3 — AtlasVPN

Atlas VPN has 750 servers in 31 countries. Its low reputation in France is due in particular to the unavailability of the French version. However, it stands up to many VPNs because of its quality advantages and its speeds. Despite the limited number of servers, Atlas VPN provides a better connection. It is popular in the market because of its reasonable rates and suitable for all budgets. Offering simultaneous and unlimited connections, the VPN gives you 2 GB of data daily.

4 — PrivadoVPN

Based in Switzerland, PrivadoVPN is available in 45 countries and integrates a hundred servers. Although it has recently entered the world of VPNs, the program is already enjoying remarkable success. This VPN will allow you to unblock Netflix and many other platforms. It gives you the opportunity to choose 13 servers in 9 countries. You can install this VPN on all devices (PC, macOS, iOS, Android TV…). Its paid version shows excellent results for P2P. With your subscription, benefit from 10 simultaneous connections for the happiness of the whole family.


Express has 3200 servers distributed in 94 countries. This VPN guarantees you wide geographical coverage and allows you to bypass the restrictions of different countries (Russia, China, etc.). The program is compatible with PC, Mac, Smartphone and tablet.

Efficient and ultra secure, Express VPN integrates a fairly simple interface regardless of the device used. To make your life easier, the provider offers an extension on web browsers. On the other hand, its weak point lies in the price which remains high compared to other players on the market. However, the quality / price ratio remains quite interesting.

6 — Cyberghost

This VPN offers a fairly simple mode of use. He embarks 7000 servers present in 90 countries. Convenient for viewing high-quality streaming videos, cyberghost is a multi-support application integrating a complete and very intuitive interface.

Upon activation, you have different choices: manually choose a server/country or select the automated connection option. The VPN filters its servers intended for streaming and P2P for an improved user experience. Ideal even for the most novice, CyberGhost is also an accessible solution. If you have a limited budget, do not hesitate to bet on this powerful application, a veritable nest of functionalities from the world of cybersecurity (ad-block, anti-tracking, anti-malware filter).

7 — ProtonVPN

Based in Switzerland, ProtonVPN has 109 servers distributed in 3 countries in free mode. However, with a subscription, you can access 400 servers deployed in 40 countries. It owes its reputation in particular to its practical courier service ProtonMail. Its price list remains less accessible, but the VPN is aimed at a more informed public and aware of its importance. To take full advantage of the features offered, you will have to avoid the free version. Also, ProtonVPN is not recommended for beginners.

8 — MullvadVPN

the MullvadVPN is an ideal virtual private network for the security of your confidential data and facilitates access to your torrents. It integrates 780 servers distributed in 35 countries. MullvadVPN stands out for its performance in terms of private data protection and its high-speed connection. This is because MullvadVPN does not store any keywords from your email address. Whether with your Smartphone, PC or tablet, the VPN offers optimal fluidity. Based in Sweden, MullvadVPN lets you easily bypass Chinese censorship.

9 — IPVanish VPN

IPVanish VPN is a great choice for the family. He embarks 1900 servers present in 75 countries. Thanks to this virtual private network, access torrents and P2P in a few clicks. Thanks to certain specific servers, you can access Netflix US and Disney regardless of your location. The VPN delivers an average connection speed, but seems to be insufficient for streaming at times. Compatible with routers, this private network is driven by dynamic and available customer support.

More interestingly, the VPN servers belong to the creative company and the subscription formula comes with a storage space in the Cloud estimated at 500 GB. The application is easily installed on various connected devices including: Android, Mac, iOS, Windows, Android TV, Linux among others. Its particularity lies in its ability to support an unlimited number of devices even if its prices are somewhat high.

10 — WindscribeVPN

WindscribeVPN is an excellent free virtual private network that you can install on different connected devices (PC, Smartphone, tablet, watch, etc.). Integrating 110 servers on its pro subscription plan, the VPN offers you 10 GB for free bandwidth each month and 2 GB if you do not provide an email address. Nothing like an ergonomic program promoting fast downloads of your torrents. Better, it has unstoppable features for the security of your confidential data. Other special options are available to improve your security, including split-tunneling, an ad blocker and the “double-hop” function. In the paid version, access the Netflix platform regardless of your geographical location.


PrivateVPN has 200 servers in 63 countries. It offers very attractive value for money. You can easily bypass Chinese censorship. It gives you excellent coverage on the web ensuring the safety of your confidential data. Between Netflix (in 6 countries), Hulu and Amazon video, access your favorite films at a lower cost.

PrivateVPN is able to operate under stable and high speeds unlike other VPNs. However, overloading VPN server networks can cause the connection to be significantly slower.

12 — PureVPN

Proposer 6000 servers shared in around 80 countries, PureVPN is ideal for Internet users looking for a fairly simple and easy-to-use interface. It allows you to watch your movies and series on Netflix anywhere. In addition, you will be able to fully enjoy your sports programs on various foreign streaming and TV platforms. Do not hesitate to install it on your different systems between Windows, Android, iOS or even your routers. Thanks to its optimal speed, download your large files in a few minutes. In addition to its app, the provider offers an extension in various browsers like Chrome or Firefox.

13— Hotspot Shield VPN

If you plan to install a free VPN on your media, Hotspot Shield can be a great approach. This VPN integrates 3200 servers distributed in 80 countries. It is perfect for users who love downloads, but also remains a real ally for lovers of streaming. Access to Netflix, Amazon and Disney will be child’s play. Of course, many other foreign TV channels will also be easy for you to access, regardless of your location. Hotspot Shield VPN discreetly secures confidential data and allows you to bypass Chinese censorship.


VYPRVPN is an American solution and remains one of the fastest VPNs. This VPN embeds 700 servers spread all over the five continents of the globe. It offers better streaming quality. With this private network, you can easily bypass the censorships of totalitarian countries thanks to its exclusive protocol Chameleon. The VYPRVPN offers great security and undeniable confidentiality. The VPN does not record any confidential data, since the management of its servers is autonomous, which considerably reinforces its level of security.

15- Hide.me VPN

Hide.me VPN stands out from its peers thanks to its 2000 servers. It is newly designed and headquartered in Malaysia. Whether you are in paid or free mode, this VPN will satisfy you. It allows you to bypass the censorship of totalitarian countries and enjoy the multiple videos offered by Netflix. On Mac or PC, this VPN has a variety of highly developed functions and remains easy to use. Able to support 10 devices simultaneously, your whole family can enjoy a high-speed connection. Hide.me VPN offers an extension in Chrome and Firefox. Very practical with Amazon fire stick, the VPN protects you against hacking and does not record any of your personal information except your registration email address.

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