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Obviously, between Dead by Daylight and resident Evil, it’s a story that lasts. After a first collaboration in 2021 for the twentieth chapter of DLC, the asynchronous multiplayer game once again welcomes the Capcom franchise for a burst of additional content. Entitled Project W, this new content was briefly teased through a short video posted last May. Since then, no official information has filtered on this second collaboration.

But a recent leak posted on Twitter could reveal the first details of this Chapter 25 for us. Dead by Daylightfeaturing an antagonist familiar to fans of resident Evil


Wesker, next Slayer of Dead by Daylight ?

DBDLeaks that we owe this first leak unveiled today. This account, well known to fans of Dead by Daylight, has posted many elements that would appeal to the next DLC content of the game scheduled for the next school year. This Chapter 25 would thus see the arrival of Albert Wesker, the emblematic villain of Resident Evil, making its way into the multiplayer game. The scientist turned international criminal does not arrive alone and will logically be accompanied by two new survivors: Ada Wong, the supercop with dubious allegiances, and the young Rebecca Chambers.

If no image of this new content in action has been revealed by DBDLeaks, some graphic elements, in particular the 3D models of these new characters, as well as sound files have leaked, in tandem with their biographies. Obviously, all of this is to be taken with a pinch of salt while awaiting official confirmation from the Behavior Interactive studio. Nevertheless, given the quantity of elements presented, we would really be looking at a concrete leak.

A little over a year ago, Capcom offered its first excursion into Dead by Daylight featuring a DLC collab pitting Leon S. Kennedy and Jill Vanlentine against the fierce Nemesis of Resident Evil 3. In addition to these three new characters, Chapter 20 also included a new kingdom: the town of Raccoon City and its police station.

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