Notice to serivers, Netflix offers five new series to discover in its catalog over the next few days. The sequel to the Brazilian series “Bom Dia, Verônica” is also coming to the platform. Like what, the program promises to load in binge watching for subscribers!


Minamdang Cafe – Season 1

This new South Korean drama follows Nam Han Jun, a former profiler turned shaman who runs a mysterious cafe, “Minamdang”. Very intelligent and intuitive, Nam Han Jun is able to analyze people’s behavior, to deduce their personality, but above all to read them like an open book. He uses it to conduct investigations with his eccentric teammates.

Forecasting Love and Weather – Season 1

Another new drama of the month, this series follows the employees of the National Weather Service. The story mainly focuses on a hardworking meteorologist and her free-spirited colleague. Between work and daily life, they will discover in spite of themselves that love is as difficult to predict as rain and good weather. A series full of sweetness and endearing characters.

Bom Dia, Verônica – Season 2

After an exciting season 1, Verônica is back! Presumed dead, she is more than determined to counter the mafia that controls the police and the government. She will do everything to unmask those who hide behind abuses and corruption. But it’s a whole sect that stands against Verônica, she will have to draw on all her courage and determination to get out of it.

Gambling School Twin – Season 1

Gambling School fans, this new Netflix series is for you! The story takes place a year before Yumeko Jabami turns everything upside down at Hyakkou Private Academy. We follow Mary, then an ambitious young scholarship holder, who is determined to rise to the top! Targeted by her comrades, she will use her exceptional intelligence to crush her opponents. She can also count on the support of her wealthy but cowardly friend Tsuzura Hanatemori.

Sandman – Season 1

Many were looking forward to this series, well here it is finally! The story tells of the journeys of Dream or Sandman, the cosmic being who controls dreams. Captured and held prisoner by humans, the latter only manages to free himself after many years. He will then discover that his long absence has caused a lot of damage in his kingdom, but also in the human world. He will have to fix all this chaos, but also intends to take revenge…

Twenty Five Twenty One – Season 1

Another drama to complete the Netflix news of the week! The story follows a teenage girl with a passion for fencing who is determined to achieve her dreams and ambitions. But everything changes when his path crosses that of a hardworking young man who is trying to rebuild himself and find a quiet life. The meeting between the two could turn everything upside down for her, but also for him.

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