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Amazon Drive is a service that has the ability to store any file in the cloud. The news of the end of this service is undoubtedly a disappointment for those who were accustomed to it, even if, according to The Verge, there were few of them. Indeed, the company has announced that Drive will no longer be supported from December 31, 2023. Those who have used it will no longer be able to access their files stored there from that date.

However, the Amazon Drive application will be removed from the Android and iOS application stores much earlier, more precisely on October 31, 2022. As for uploads, they will no longer be accepted from January 31, 2023 and will therefore be removed. In addition, Amazon intends to replace this service with Amazon Photos although it is not really the same thing.

Alternatives to Amazon Drive

The company said in an email to customers that it still offers them the ability to back up, share, and organize photos and videos with Amazon Photos. And for files other than photos or videos, you will just have to download them. At this time, Amazon has not communicated any plans for removal or deletion of files. He just gave a fairly broad time frame, a year and more, for customers to save their files.

In fact, the company strongly encourages the use of Amazon Photos. Moreover, in her FAQ, she indicated that as an Amazon customer, the photo and video files were automatically saved there. To view them, simply log in to Amazon Photos using your Amazon account. The Amazon Photos application can be downloaded on either iOS or Android.

Reasons for Deleting Amazon Drive

Amazon Drive has been around for 11 years. Upon the announcement of its removal, the company said it would focus more on Amazon Photos as a solution to provide its users with safe photo and video storage.

Then, don’t forget that Google Photos and Apple’s iCloud are people’s favorites when it comes to file storage. It could be that Amazon has big ideas in mind and wants to compete with both. This is not surprising since, in this area, there is a large market share to conquer.


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