There’s something new on Twitter! The platform is testing a new feature called “Status Tweets” allowing users to add a status topic from a predetermined list to “tweets”. Yes, the blue bird social network brings a bit of “Reddit” home. This is the same concept as when users on Reddit tag their posts. Twitter’s main goal here is to give you a tool to provide more context to your followers.

Recall that Jane Manchun Wong, a researcher and application reverse engineer, has already discovered this feature by looking in the code of Twitter. However, at the time, statuses could be posted on a tweet or on a general profile, but this latest test only allows users to attach them to specific tweets.

Credit – Alexander Shatov / Unsplash

Only a fraction of users benefit from the “Status Tweets” feature

A company spokesperson said the test will be for a limited time and will only affect a portion of users in the United States and Australia. These can convey to their subscribers what they do.

Based on screenshots of the feature, there are plenty of statuses to replace the titles and emoji that users frequently place at the start of their tweets. We quote “Spoiler Alert”, “Shower Thoughts”, “Case of the Mondays”, and “Living the Dream”. At the moment, custom statuses are not available.

What is the tag on a “Status Tweet” for?

A user explained that when you see a status tweet, you can also click on the status label to see other tweets associated with that status topic. The status will appear under the users names and can be applied to single tweets and they are not editable.

We don’t know if the “Status Tweet” feature will get a wider rollout. It is part of the features in development on Twitter including the downvote button and Twitter circles. We must therefore wait to find out if they will one day be accessible to everyone.


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