NieR Automata's Secret Area Wasn't What It Seemed

While it seemed like a player NieR Automata had found a secret room there, more than five years after its release, we now learn that this area was in fact created by a team of modders.

The story was beautiful, but it is now too late to imagine it still devoid of any deception. Small reminder of the facts: on June 11, in a message meanwhile deleted by moderation, a reddit user had asked how to access the church in NieR: Automata. VGC reports that more specifically, this Internet user wondered why he and several players could enter this place, unlike a friend.

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The author of the question then posted a series of videos showing the avatar going through a door and entering a not very straight hallway. Images that other players had obviously never seen, and some thought that this user had gotten his hands on version 1.0 of NieR: Automata.

NieR Automata: mod tools to create your own areas

We had no idea then that modders were at the origin of this apparent new area. On this Friday, the ze34_zinnia group posted several videos on its Twitch channel to explain the maneuver and show other images of this secret room.

“Everything we shared was completely ‘in-game’, no editing was used”.

“We loved all the talks and theories – it’s been an amazing journey”.

Three people would have designed this mod: DevolasRevenge in the design of the map, Woeful_Wolf in the development of the Blender tools and RaiderB in that of the scripting tools. The published message adds that it will soon be possible for users of the PC version to discover this famous church for themselves.

“Over the next few days we will be releasing new Blender addons and scripting tools, fully open source. We have so much in store for you.”

“DevolasRevenge will release the mod files if you finally want to enter the church yourself. Keep an eye out for the sequel, especially the next RaiderB mod which is already prepared.”

The designer admits that he did not expect such a resonance:

“Thank you all for sticking with it. Whether you expected this result or not, I hope you enjoyed the impact. It was never about such a big explosion, just disturbing a few people on Twitter.”

The team stresses that it was not their intention to pass off their mod as a creation of Yoko Taro, and that there was also no question of making the joke last beyond three days.

Source: ze34_zinnia’s Twitch channel (via VGC)

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