Des personnes âgées dans une maison de retraite

The lives of many older people can be upset when they leave their autonomy to move into a new residential care home. Before deciding which nursing home to choose, many criteria must be taken into account. However, the amount of help and support proposed by the centers could influence this choice.

Margaret Silingardi and Dawn Sparrow are two nursing home residents. They had to go to a nursing home when the time came. They said moving to an elderly care community near their retirement village was the best decision.

This proximity allows residents to stay in touch with their loved ones.

According to Margaret Silingardi, moving from the Carinity Shalom retirement village in Rockhampton to the retirement home a short walk away was a real comfort. Shalom staff takes residents’ health very seriously. That’s why she had the support of Carinity Shalom’s customer service and operations teams during her move.

For Margaret, having a retirement village and a retirement home next to each other was key when she decided to live at Carinity Shalom. Thanks to this proximity, residents can keep in touch with family and friends. They can also stay in their neighborhood and do not risk being out of place.

“I see my friends from the retirement village, they come to visit me, and I still play bowls there every Saturday. My friend came, she couldn’t believe how nice it was here. We can go shopping and we are free to come and go as we want. I go to bingo and exercise. »

Margaret Silingardi

For Dawn Sparrow, it’s a bit the same thing. She lived at Carinity Brownesholme retirement village in Highfiels for 12 years. She then had to turn to permanent support. Luckily, she was able to join Carinity’s new elderly care community, not far from her retirement village.

Donna Hinchliffe, passionate about caring for the elderly

Donna Hinchliffe is a Carinity personal caregiver. She is also a recreational therapist. She has been caring for the elderly at Carinity Shalom since it opened about 20 years.

Donna loves the residents. To take care of them, she and the entire Carinity Shalom team offers personalized support. According to her, elderly people who have just moved into a retirement home should “take the time to adapt”.

“Breathe, give yourself a few weeks or a few months, mix and meet other people, take it day by day. Never keep anything to yourself; if you have a problem, talk about it immediately. »

Donna Hinchliffe


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