With the song ” Envelop », the sulphurous Brazilian pop star Anitta topped the list of most listened songs on Spotify on March 24, 2022. The “Daughter of Rio” thus imposes itself as the first solo artist from South America to achieve this ranking.

This performance did not go unnoticed and earned him entry into the Guinness World Records.

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A world first

Many Latin artists have already reached the top 1 of this Spotify ranking, but still featuring. We can cite for example Daddy Yankee and Luis Fonsi with the hit “Despacito”. Although Anitta has become known for her various collaborations with world stars such as Cardi B, Sean Paul and Major Lazer, for this entry into the Guinness World Records, she imposes herself with “Envolver”, a title sung solo and entirely in Spanish.

Four months after its release, the tube has been listened to 6.39 million times streaming across the world. The song went viral on social media thanks to the dance challenge created from his choreography. According to the daily chart published on July 15, 2022, 4.1 million listens came from Brazil. Never before had Spotify recorded such a figure in a single day in a South American country. Generally, the number of listens in Brazil is around 1.5 million per day for a top hit on the streaming platform.

Anitta, undisputed queen of Latin American music

In 10 years, Anitta has become a world reference in Latin American music. Followed by 16 million subscribers on YouTube and 60 million subscribers on Instagram, the Brazilian singer is a hit on social networks. Today, she totals 6 billion views on YouTube. Already in 2017, Billboard ranked her among the 15 most influential musicians in the world on social networks.

With his new album Versions of Me », composed of 15 titles and released in April 2022, Anitta still promises to make us dance. This album has already recorded more than 39 million streaming listens. Now, the artist will have his name in the 2023 edition of Guinness World Records which will be released in the fall.

SOURCE: Guinness World Records

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