Despite the fact that numerous players could in any case crush Ranked in Season 13 of Apex Legends, that has not prevented Respawn Entertainment from prodding the eventual fate of the fight royale. As of late, the organization delivered new insights concerning the impending Season 14 of Apex Legends called Hunted. Among the data uncovered, the designer declared that an increment was at last coming to the level cap.

While fans load up Apex Legends for some reasons, one perspective many especially appreciate is crushing to max level. Tragically, that toil has been over for quite a while for some gamers, as the level cap in Apex Legends has stayed at level 500 for two or three years. Notwithstanding, the following time of the game has all the earmarks of being evolving that, giving long-term players stuck at level 500 one more motivation to crush the game once more.
As of late, the designers at Respawn Entertainment reported that the level cap for Apex Legends was being raised. This news came by means of a page on the authority Apex Legends site that incorporated a few new insights regarding Season 14, which is set to deliver on August 9. As indicated by new text on the site, players can “Hold back nothing with the new Level Cap Increase.”
This is possible no joking matter for various enthusiasts of Apex Legends. While Apex Legends has seen its level cap raised from the first 100 to 500, that increment returned December 2019. Subsequently, that implies players have been sitting tight for over two years for another chance to step up their records in Apex Legends. While the specific change to the level cap coming in Season 14 was not noted by Respawn Entertainment, some on the web have conjectured that it very well may be somewhere near 700. Nonetheless, that news has not been affirmed by the organization and could demonstrate erroneous.
Notwithstanding the uncover of an expanded level cap, Respawn Entertainment gave a few different insights concerning the impending Season 14. Among the features, it was formally reported that Vantage would join Apex Legends as the freshest expansion to the cast of playable characters. This at last affirmed a release that had been prodding the Legend for quite a long time. Moreover, the engineer site noticed that Kings Canyon would get an enormous update in the forthcoming season.

Sadly, fans must stand by a short time longer to learn more insights concerning Season 14. In any case, the new occasional substance is booked to send off in two or three weeks, implying that it ought not be significantly longer until restless fans get familiar with the level cap increment. Ideally, this new level cap increment will convince Apex Legends veterans to bounce once again into the frantic activity the fight royale brings to the table.

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