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The fate of the Manifest series can very well be compared to that of the plane on which the plot of the series is centered. Indeed, after the broadcast of the first three seasons of the show, the series was canceled by the American channel NBC due to bad hearing. After the successive failures of the steps taken by the production to find another distributor, it appeared that Manifest was going to definitively join the cemetery of the series. And then the miracle Netflix taken place…

Credit – Peter Kramer/NBC/Warner Brothers

The American streaming service finally decided to give the series a chance by broadcasting the first three seasons on its platform. A choice crowned with success since the audiences of the series on Netflix were simply incredible. Which therefore led Netflix to renew the series for a season 4 as it had done brilliantly in the past for series like Lucifer, Casa de Papel or You.

If it took exactly 5 and a half years on Montego Air Flight 828 to resurface, Manifest will have finally taken only two months to be reborn from its ashes. We also suggest that you take a seat aboard our special flight which will allow you to fly over all useful information relating to season 4 of Manifest.

What’s the latest on Manifest Season 4?

  • June 14, 2021 : announcement by NBC of the cancellation of the series after three seasons.
  • August 28, 2021 : Netflix indicates that it is taking over the production of the series in order to offer fans a fourth and final season. A decision symbolically communicated on August 28 (8/28) at 8:28 a.m. to pay tribute to flight 828.
  • November 18, 2021 : start of filming for season 4 of the series. This should last until October 2022.
  • 1er July 2022 : broadcast by Netflix of the first three seasons of the series.

Manifest Season 4 Official Release Date

For now, Netflix has not officially communicated an official release date. for the new season of the series. However, if we refer to a tweet from Jeff Rake in response to a request from Stephen King, we can estimate that season 4 of Manifest will be available in November 2022.

Some rumors indicate that the new season could be unveiled on August 28, 2022, a year to the day after the announcement of recovery by Netflix. Since there has been no such statement to date, it is very unlikely that this date is valid.

The broadcast should be done on the Netflix platform. Even if TF1 broadcast the first three seasons in France, it is very unlikely that the channel will be able to dispose of the rights to this final season. At the moment, we cannot be categorical. But one thing is certain, thehe broadcast of season 4 on Netflix will be in two parts of ten episodes.

The probable cast of season 4 of Manifest

Credit – Peter Kramer/NBC/Warner Brothers

It is very plausible that all actors present in season 3 make their return in the new season. New characters will also be added to them to form the cast of season 4. These include Henry Kim, Kyle Boyd as well as Tela and June.

For the moment, we do not have the names of the actors who will hold these new roles in the series. Meanwhile, we can say that the cast of season 4 of Manifest should look like this:

  • Melissa Roxburgh : Michaela Stone
  • Josh Dallas : Ben Stone
  • Athena Karkanis : Grace Stone
  • J.R. Ramirez : Jared Williams
  • Luna Blaise : Olive Stone
  • Jack Messina : Cal Stone
  • Parveen Kaur : Saanvi Bahl
  • Matt Long : Zeke Landon
  • Holly Taylor : Angelina
  • Daryl Edwards : Robert Vance
  • Ty Doran : Older Cal Stone

What will Manifest Season 4 be about?

Credit – Peter Kramer/NBC/Warner Brothers

Since this new season should be the last of the series, we must expect to have the answer to the many mysteries that run through the series. Thus, at the end of season 4 we should know the reasons why the plane disappeared before reappearing five years later. We will also understand how the passengers managed to survive all this time. Without forgetting, of course, what lies the cause of Cal’s sudden aging.

We should also have the beginning of answers to these various questions from the first episodes of season 4. To this end, Netflix has indicated that Season 4 is set to kick off with a two-year time jump. Finally, it must be said that this final season should bring more clarification about the existence or not of the universes while putting order in the affairs of the hearts of the different protagonists.

The official trailer

Netflix took advantage of the Geeked Week June 2022 to communicate on some of its current projects. Unsurprisingly, the American platform spoke about season 4 of Manifest by unveiling a first official trailer for the coming season. This looks like this:

What can we expect from Manifest in the future?

Credit – Peter Kramer/NBC/Warner Brothers

Series executives initially told NBC that they were planning spread the series over four to six seasons. Netflix by resuming the show said it wanted to stop at season 4. But that was before the first three seasons of the series were broadcast from 1er July 2022 on Netflix.

With the success, the American platform may well revise its position and decide to add an additional season. In the absence of a season 5 or even 6, Netflix could order a spin-off.

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