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Tech companies put innovation at the center of their business. On the Google side, adjustments and small additions to its “Photos” service continue. Indeed, in the information section for each photo, there is a new section called “saved”. This is a small change but one of great importance.

This section groups data like current day/date, location, device, image size, EXIF ​​and file. Note that Google Photos has included image information since 2020. This is the “Downloaded from” and “Shared by” section that is not found on Android or iOS apps.

Details on the recent Google Photos update

The “Saved” section begins by listing the quality. Next, it indicates whether the file was saved in “Original quality” or “Storage saver”. At the same time, it will mention if the file in question does not occupy space in your account storage. It turns out that now Google Photos will no longer show the file size for content that does not use storage space.

The many changes to Google’s storage policy in mid-2021, including the end of free and unlimited photo storage, have complicated the life of users of free services. This new section is very convenient for them because now they can manage their photos more efficiently. To be more specific, they will know if they need to free up space and can check the image quality at a glance.

Can all users use the new section?

The new modification of Google Photos only partially reached users. We will still have to wait before seeing it on all accounts. Currently, only a small number of users can quickly learn about the quality of an image.

You should also know that the “backed up” section is in addition to the current “Manage storage” functionality which provides an overview as well as management of your cloud storage. It’s a small detail but one that is important.


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