Amazon’s virtual assistant called “Alexa” is integrated into the products of this e-commerce leader. It is able to receive voice commands and processes them in the cloud. Its use is a simple way to improve your daily life by automating certain repetitive tasks. Indeed, Alexa can transmit voice commands to digital devices compatible with its technology such as video cameras, Smart TVs, locks, audio players, lamps, switches, etc.

In an effort to make your life easier, Amazon is making several changes to the Alexa user experience. One of the changes is how the virtual assistant handles routines. Now developers can create and make recommendations to users instead of forcing them to manually create their own automations.


Alexa has a host of features aimed at developers

It was during “Alexa Live”, an event dedicated to developers, that Amazon announced the many features that have just been added. Obviously, these are intended for developers. Now they can add “Shopping” to skills, more easily support “Matter” as well as other smart home systems. They can thus join a simpler installation flow and better understand their environment.

Meanwhile, Alexa is starting to work with assistants from other manufacturers, and Amazon is making sure that all-important voice commands like “Stop” work no matter what wake word you use. The downside is that all of these new features won’t do you any good if you don’t know how to use them. Many users are satisfied with the basic functionalities to avoid having to worry about it.

Alexa techs focus on automating the virtual system

Amazon continues to evolve in virtual assistance but users who are not very tech-savvy prefer to use Alexa for music, lights, timers, etc. That’s why the Alexa team makes the system do the work for you. Automation and proactivity are Alexa’s watchwords.

The change in routines is a concrete example among the new announcements. It also looks like Amazon is working on a feature called “Universal Commands.” The latter will allow an Alexa-powered device to do certain important things regardless of the wake word used.


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