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In May 2022, the Indian jeweler SWA Diamonds presented to the public Ami”, a ring adorned with 24,679 diamonds. With such a number of precious stones, this gem was able to make its way into the Guinness World Records for the title of highest number of diamonds in a ring. It dethrones the ring from Hallmark Jewelers, which is also an Indian jewelry store.

As a reminder, the ring Marigoldthe ring of prosperity of this jeweler based in Hyderabad, had only 12,638 diamonds for a weight of 165 g, against 340 g for the SWA Diamonds ring.

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According to estimates, the Ami ring has a value of 93,597 euros.

A design inspired by a mushroom

As with Hallmark Jewelers, the SWA Diamonds team, led by Abdul Gafur Anadiyan, was inspired by nature for the design of this extraordinary ring. Its design was imagined after the pink oyster mushroom. This choice was not made at random. The mushroom indeed represents immortality in Indian culture. Moreover, in Sanskrit, Friend means immortality. In addition, this variety of mushroom has several caps. Thereby, the Ami ring is made up of 41 petals wearing most of the diamonds.

To be able to break the record, the ring had to be carefully evaluated by independent experts. of the IGI or International Gemological Institute Lab. The weight of the diamonds, their carat, their clarity and the type of cut were checked under a microscope. In addition, all the stones used had to come from producers certified by the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme or KPCS, which prohibits the use of conflict diamonds.

A creation using innovative techniques

The making of this one-of-a-kind ring goes through a meticulous process. Before the realization of the final jewel, a prototype was first designed from a plastic mold created digitally using computer-aided design or CAD.

Liquid gold was then poured into the mold obtained by 3D printing in order to obtain the overall shape of the mushroom. Once the precious metal has cooled, every detail of the jewel has been worked to obtain the petals of the ring. Each gemstone was then inlaid by hand on both sides of the petals. Most of the diamonds dot the caps of the mushroom and the rest adorn the circular base, as well as part of the ring.

SOURCE: Guinness World Records

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