The 2022 summer sales are here and Y-Brush pulled out all the stops! Y-Brush is a recognized French startup in oral hygiene. You may have already seen this toothbrush 10 seconds in season 1 of “Who wants to be my partner”. This summer, get up to -50% discounts.

Take advantage of the Y-Brush sales

Y-Brush: up to -50% discounts for summer sales

Y-Brush works like a regular toothbrush, but brushes teeth simultaneously instead of brushing them one by one. This is how this toothbrush is able to achieve ideal brushing in just 10 seconds. This is a product developed in France, with a team of French dentists (it’s even the only electric toothbrush on the market made in France). In addition, its effectiveness has been proven by an independent clinical study and numerous in vitro (in the laboratory) and in vivo (with real people) studies have also been carried out.

Developed in close collaboration with dentists for more than 4 years, the Y-Brush technology reproduces for you the right gesture (the Bass technique) and uses sonic vibrations. You may have already seen this Y-shaped toothbrush on TF1, BFMTV, M6, or France 2.

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Throughout the duration of the sales, Y-Brush offers its Summer pack at 99.99 euros instead of 162.96 euros. From tomorrow June and until July 19, you will be able to take advantage of the NylonMed Pack at 89.99 euros instead of 132.98 euros and from July 6, the Child Pack which goes to 79.99 euros instead of 135.97 euros. With such interesting sales, you should not ask too many questions. If you want to know more about how the Y-Brush toothbrush works, it’s simple: it is similar to that of a classic electric toothbrush with a handle, an individual brush with nylon filaments and vibrations for the brushing movement.

Take advantage of the Y-Brush sales

Brushing your teeth in 10 seconds is possible

The only difference (which is important): the brush is Y-shaped and cleans all the teeth in the same arch at once. We therefore go from 2 minutes to 10 seconds, 5 per arch, without losing efficiency compared to standard brushing. You should know that most French people spend an average of only 43 seconds brushing their teeth. Y-Brush could therefore help you save time, while performing high quality brushing. This toothbrush is available on the sites of Fnac, Darty, Boulanger, Rue du commerce and Amazon.

In addition to the various discounted packs, you can take advantage of sales on a multitude of products : the brush head at -15% with the code YB15, the tube toothpaste at -15% with the same code, as well as the chewable toothpaste box which is also at -15% always with the same code. It’s your turn !

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