John Romero, co-creator of DOOM, is hiring for a new FPS game

In terms of video game legends, few developers can claim to have a pedigree as important as that of John Romero. Alongside genius programmer John Carmack and the entire id Software team, Romero spearheaded the FPS revolution with DOOMreleased in 1993 on MS-DOS, upsetting the codes of video games in its time, followed by Quake in 1996.

Having never really left the shooter genre since, the game designer formalized his new project through a simple message posted on his official Twitter account, which will undoubtedly raise a lot of hope among fans.

Credit Romero.

John Romero is preparing an original FPS “with a major publisher”

The ad couldn’t be more restrained. Romero, and its Ireland-based team Romero Games unveil a partnership with a “major publisher” for the development of a “brand new FPS from a new license”. The studio is thus seeking to expand its workforce and has already posted numerous job offers in all areas of video game development on its official website.

Specifically, Romero Games is looking for developers “having experience with Unreal Engine 5”, the latest iteration of Epic Games’ game engine. No other information has been communicated as to the nature of the game, and we will undoubtedly have to take our troubles patiently before knowing more.

In 2019, John Romero had returned to his first love by making Sigil, an original level pack for DOOM. A sequel to DOOM 2 has also formalized last year, without further details for the moment. The studio’s latest game dates back to 2020, with the card game Empire of Sin, made by none other than Brenda Romero, the wife of John Romero. In more recent news, John Romero has also uploaded an original level for DOOM 2, titled One Humanity, and available for purchase on its official store. All income from its sales is donated to humanitarian funds in support of the Ukrainian population.

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